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Thread: Going to Alaska for over three weeks (JULY 30 UPDATE IN LAST OP POST)

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    Default Going to Alaska for over three weeks (JULY 30 UPDATE IN LAST OP POST)

    I am going on a road trip to Alaska to see things and possibly visit relatives. any dangerous things that I should be aware of? thanks!!
    Update jul 19, 2009: I am in Boise Idaho to visit my grandfather and I am using the Super 8 wifi.
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    Maybe the NWO won't be able to find you out in the wilderness.

    Say hi to (ex)Govrenor Palin... and make sure to let us know if you really can see Russia from there!

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    Be careful about bears; bring your bear repellent! X D You might want to watch out for Palin if she's on a hunting trip; she might mistake you for something else if you're not careful

    Have a fun and safe trip; Alaska is a beautiful place to visit.

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    Default Update:

    Jul 20, 2009: I am in Post Falls, Idaho, and I will be going to a campground tonight to camp. I am using the Confort Inn WiFi from the car for a last minute update, I hope to take some wonderful pictures while driving through Canada and seeing things in Alaska. this will be the last update until I can get free WiFi internet access.

    Jul 22, 2009: I am at my relatives place near Cleardale Alberta. I only have a limited amount of time here because I'm leaving with my family. I will probably be going to Prince George, BC.

    Jul 24, 2009: I am sitting outside in the strong UV rays next to the office at the Ranch Motel in Fairbanks AK, because there wasn't an place for internet users to use their free WiFi. I only got three hours of sleep last night because we were driving along the Alaska Highway at 1:00 in the morning Alaska time trying to find a place to rest. my family ended up stopping at a dirt parking lot on the side of the road just 10 miles from the border, I didn't want to sleep upright in the car so I slept on a cot with a sleeping bag with all my clothes on except for sandals, I slept outside next to the van. I got some bug spray on my neck and ears before going to sleep, and put my hood on tight so I didn't get dry ears. for breakfast my family went to Fast Eddys restarant in Tok Alaska. I still slept in the car while my parents were taking turns driving.

    Jul 28, 2009: I went to Deadhorse to go on the Prudhoe Bay Tour and go on the shore of The are Arctic Ocean. my family got 2 flat tires on The Dalton Highway. We bought a spare tire in both Fairbanks and Deadhorse. I didn't arrive in Fairbanks until 12:30 Alaska time.

    Jul 30, 2009: I am now in Anchorage AK, using the hotel wifi to type this post. I went to Denali National Forest and I camped there for two night. I got to use the grill restaurant WiFi
    near the Denali bookstore. I didn't have time Adisc at that time because I didnt have time to go on. Plus there were people walking by and I didnt want to be embarrased. So I didn't post an update then. I got there by taking the Denali bus to there and back. I also got to take a picture of Mt. McKinley. This evening I got to anchorage and I stayed in Motel 6. for dinner I went to Golden Corral buffet and grill and I got my fill on food there. I will be going to sleep soon and tomorrow I will probably be going to Seward.
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    Welcome home.

    Man, if I lived in California I'd never go north of Wyoming or so.


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