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Thread: Night World by L.J. Smith

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    Default Night World by L.J. Smith

    Yer. I know there is a book group, but it generally gets overlooked.

    So has anyone read the Night World books? I got it for graduation. Since I like Twilight.... and now my grama thinks I have a thing for vampires. Which I don't... because from what I know, Twilight Vamps and (I hate to say real, but..) "real" vamps are quite different. So, being nice I read them anyways... just to make her happy.

    They're really good though. My favorite, by far is the first book in Book One and the third book in Book One. I like that in the Night World books they're all about the same night world, but they're all different stories, about different people in different parts of the same world, or secret society... they're interlocked I guess in a way, but different. bah idk.

    I wanna say I'm shocked, but I'm not, that they came out in 1996-1998 but I imagine they've just resurfaced (I've seen them everywhere) because of all the little girls who now claim to be huge vamp fans because they've read twilight.

    Good books though. And has anyone else read Vampire Diaries by her? If so, was it good? She's a good author.... and the Night World books are short and sweet, which I like.

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    I haven't read Night World, but I loved reading Poppy Brites book on vampires. It was all so wonderfully perverse!

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