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Thread: Greetings, Everyone

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    Default Greetings, Everyone

    Hello, everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself briefly.

    While I am not necessarily an AB or a DL, specifically, I am fascinated by, and extraordinarily curious about, the ABDL subculture. I am looking forward to meeting others and learning about their experiences, feelings, and opinions.

    It's a pleasure to make everyone's acquaintance.

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    Welcome, Bluefox. Go ahead and ask any questions you want. Of course now I'm curious about your curiosity. How did you discover us? And why ABDL? There are so many fetishes out there. What is it about diapers that interests you?

    Anyway, I think you'll find that we are a friendly bunch and will talk your head off, so ask away.

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    Welcome and ditto. I too am curious mostly because, and this is just my impression of the majority of us, but we are not like the middle age men you see dressed in a diaper on the internet. We come and go, for the most part live normal lives, but also do our diaper thing, often at night.

    Anyway, you will have to tell us more about yourself, hobbies, music likes, recreation likes, etc.

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    Welcome. I do wonder the same thing as the other are wondring about. :P
    Do you have any hobbies?

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    Yeah, welcome. Indeed the question is. How did you discover us? And why us?

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    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a verry vast group of people. An very helpful, we should be able to answer allot if not all your Q's.

    Well hope to ttyl

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    Welcome to our community. We're really not an example of a single culture, but a wide variety of people following our own desires and habits. Sometimes we click, sometimes we connect and sometimes we clash. Just like any family. :p

    And welcome to a fellow New Yorker, it seems that a lot have joined recently. Meet? Probably not in person until you know us way better and vice-versa. It's not really common for our members to get together in real life (although some are trying to organize regional meets at this very moment).

    Anyway, look around, post where you feel like, and generally enjoy yourself.

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    Welcome to the community, Bluefox.

    You are the first person whom I have known to have joined to learn about our culture. I greatly appreciate your interest, and you will find the Wiki articles (upper left) most interesting. Also, investigate the website of Bitter Gray. (I would post a link, but I am still in newbie status).

    Like the others who have posted before me, I am also curious why you have taken interest in our community.

    Anyway, feel free to explore the forum pages. You might find it interesting to compare the teenbaby and adultbaby forums to the diaperlover forums and babyfur forums.

    Then again, you may remind yourself that we are a bunch of regular people--visit the offtopic forum and play some thread games.

    Anyway, welcome to the community.

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