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Thread: Working while diapered

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    Default Working while diapered

    Well the title says it. I am going to go to work in a diaper. I have never gone to work in a diaper, however I have left home in a diaper. But for some reason I always get scared and take them off.

    But I am not going to do that today I will wear till i leave a 2:30PM CST

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    Congrats on taking your first step into a larger world. You'll find that it's really nothing big to worry about once you've done it a time or three.

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    What he said.

    I used to be scared of being discovered, but instead I did the discovering. I realized no one notices or cares, so now I wear regularly to work. It is wonderful to not have to leave the data center, and the extra padding helps a little with my tailbone pain from crappy chairs around here.

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    yeah so far so good. i had to come to work early to cover for my manger and when i walk in she looked at me like she always does. nothing new. i dont know why but it just feels good to be wearing right now. i think im going to wear tomorrow to.

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    I guess it depends on where you work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphins2011 View Post
    I guess it depends on where you work
    i work at a gas station

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    What kind are you wearing?

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    I work at a Junior High, so no, I wouldn't do that. But you know, if someone did comment, all you would have to say is that you're taking Alli to lose weight, assuming you look like you would need to lose a few pounds. Alli is that weight losing med. that says you don't want to be far from a toilet because what you eat runs through you. Good reason to wear, if you ask me.

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    I work at an elementary/junior high school also, so no I would never wear to work. I am sure no one would ever notice but still I am not taking that chance. Little kids somehow seem to smack you in the groin once in a while and the older kids seem to smack in the groin with a dodgeball once in a while also (I think I need to start wearing a cup to work).

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    Im not really sure what kind they are. I got 25 of them off ebay for around 10 bucks. I will post pic of them in a bit

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