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Thread: Peeing Often?

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    Default Peeing Often?

    How often do you guys ( and girls ) pee per day...I am asking cause I pee over 10 times a day most days and its really bothersome to go this much

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    Ehh... You should have that checked out, I think... Either way, better safe than sorry. It could be [and this is just a random thought] prostate problems/cancer... But I doubt it's cancer of the prostate, if anything probably just a way less serious issue.

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    Depends on how much I drink in a day, I mean on a normal day I pee maybe 4-5 times, but if I'm padded up then I seem to pee more, cause I dont pee as much at one time lol

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    I pee around 4 times a day at least. Then as babydia said when i'm padded it's a lot more since it's less quantity

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    1-2 times a day.(that is with drinking a lot of stuff.) But if I has mah booz I piss around 14-18 times.

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    Six or seven times. Frequent urination, though, is not usually an issue unless it's accompanied with pain, discomfort, blood, or extremely odd discoloration. While I'm not a doctor, FL, and can't give anything like a medical suggestion, how long has this been going on? Do you drink a lot? While it may be bothersome, changing how frequently you urinate may merely be a matter of regulating your fluid intake.

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    Every 2-3 hours on normal days. So you do the math. I think the main factor is bladder size and training. I reckon you can train your bladder to hold more over time, maybe I just never learned to do so?


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    I pee about 4-8 times a day depending on my level of exercise and water intake.
    I think the frequency is on a person-to-person basis, but if you are going in excess of once every 1-2 hours there could be a problem.

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    Maybe 4 times a day unless I'm drinking more to have a "fun evening". If you are thirsty a lot, drinking more and peeing more, I would be concerned as it's a symptom of diabetes. Since you have congenital heart disease, I'm sure your doctors are on top of things, however, along with many blood tests? If you are concerned, tell them, because your health is important.

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