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Thread: Reading ADISC at work/school

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    Default Reading ADISC at work/school

    I'm IT/Internet director at the company I work for. I don't have a private office so I don't read ADISC at work I use my iPhone - what a pain. Do any of you read at work/school or do you wait until you get home?

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    No. Most schools and places of employment have some sort of monitor of internet browsing. The risk of getting caught is unneeded. Theres nothing on ADISC so important it can't wait for me.

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    Sure. I read it all the time at school. Also, where I work is pretty laid back, and I really don't have any problem checking out the site from time to time. I don't see a big problem with it.

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    I don't care about checking it at work. I don't even care if I'm being monitored. I don't make it a habit even while I'm at home to read the more questionable topics on the site. I'd much rather stick with the general and off-topic stuff. There's nothing on this site that is really offensive and "fireable," so what the hell do I have to worry?

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    When I had Comp. Sys. Tech. in high school I was able to get on all the time, the site wasn't blocked.

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    Well, considering I am the one in charge of managing the computers at school, and I have access to an unfiltered internet connection (I can pretty much do whatever the other IT guys can, considering I have a job there repairing, formatting/cloning, and generally maintaining the computers and such), I could theoretically do it, but I just don't think it'd be in good, professional form to be here at my school/job (I work at my school.)

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    I check it at work once or twice a night. No real filtering at work, but then again this is just a forum site for the most part so who cares if they see me looking at forums

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    Well, if you do end up doing this, I would recommend a portable browser, such as Firefox Portable from :-)

    I actually use the portable firefox on my desktop, and when I am in school, I take it with me because it has all of my settings that I am used to stored :-)

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