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Thread: Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

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    Default Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    Mrp! This is my big debut here, I guess! :tailswish:

    Pup has been trying to search existing posts but thinks "CVS" is too short a keyword and causing much fail. Pup would like to pick up some CVS "Men's Underwear Super Plus Absorbency" and CVS "Day & Night Adjustable Underwear" [or "Day & Night Fitted Briefs Maximum Absorbency"?] tomorrow but has size concerns.

    Pup also notes that the wiki entry for "CVS day/night briefs" (pup cannot link, too new) does not indicate which model was reviewed!


    So if anyone can help a pup, here are pup's dimensions:

    42" waist, based on jeans in that size now falling off without a belt. Yet a tape measure around the hips where he'd expect to be thinner - under the belly :P - seems to say more like 44"-45". Is trying to work his way back to a 38" waist but it takes time.

    Pup's inventory, purchased 3 years ago and all worn this week, demonstrate his size concerns:

    White-package CVS "Overnight Absorbency Protective Underwear" pull-up in Large is a faintly loose-to-perfect fit (if not very absorbent!).

    White-package CVS "Super Plus" pull-up in Large is ridiculously baggy and too-big on him (but more absorbent so less leaky despite extreme looseness around the legs!).

    Pup is now in some Tena Serenity pull-ups, Large, also from that time, and the fit is also pretty good, more snug than the discontinued CVS "Overnight", snug around the legs and a little loose at the waist.
    Edit with a note of caution, a day later: Despite otherwise being sunshine and lollipops and chewbones, pup was noticing the Tenas fit narrow between the legs, much like regular BVDs, to the extent that bits of pup's groin - pup is not sure how to say this nicely or scientifically as he thinks the inguinal pad ends higher than the area he means, so basically the sides of the base of the-part-of-pup-that-holds-two-things - sort of hung over the edges. With a fit like tighty-whities, they contained as much, and pup's legs' did runneth over. Pup now thinks he remembers being tricked many times by those when he was thinner, despite them being very absorbent when he was 'lucky' with them - it may be that the pulp just can't wick fast enough to the gel when it's dry - and now they're quite old besides. Pup may have to do something crazy like premoisten one with a few shots from a squirt-gun and see if that sets up a channel for faster wicking.


    Pup notes that, in fact, it may be useful to him or others to chart the claimed fit / claimed sizing for each of these:
    • Discontinued CVS Overnight Brief, Large: 44" - 54" hips
    • Discontinued CVS Super Plus Disposable Brief, Large: 44" - 58" hips
    • Tena Serenity Large, c. 2007: 37" - 50" waist


    Any insight or suggestions will make pup wag! Especially anyone much skinnier finding a CVS "Medium" too small would tell pup to buy the Large. But since pup has noticed so much difference between products, please tell pup exactly which product it is!


    (Pup also knows to definitely get booster pads!)
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    You probably aren't going to find the white packaged ones anymore. If you do, I wouldn't recommend them. The adjustable ones just have one tape on each side. They just have the green package CVS brand now. You may want to buy the Large adjustable ones. I'll edit this after I check the package of the medium for the size.

    Okay, well the Mediums have a 32"-44" for waist. I can easily fit pants with a waist of 32". The diapers fit nice and comfortably, and I can easily wear up to about 4 with room for the tapes.

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    Get the large...i am a 36 waist but bigger hips and the mediums will pop a tape on me alot so yeah

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    Yeah, pup should go for the large. Generally being on the big side is much less a problem than being on the small side. If they're too big, pup can get a smaller size next time (but I think they should fit well based on pup's dimensions).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    You probably aren't going to find the white packaged ones anymore. If you do, I wouldn't recommend them. The adjustable ones just have one tape on each side. They just have the green package CVS brand now. You may want to buy the Large adjustable ones. I'll edit this after I check the package of the small/medium for the size.
    *wagwag* Thank you! Pup wouldn't want the white-pack, they indeed weren't very good - tho maybe the "Super Plus" in Medium would've been at the time. Pup has a bit of a preference for pull-ups and is very intrigued by the new pull-up-but-make-snug-with-"velcro" design.

    Pup does sorta flood, though, so needs the most absorbency and a fit that won't rip (on side-tear designs) but will keep him from soaking his legs while the padding catches up. His expectations are realistic, would be glad to get just one worry-free use out of anything, but if something else likely-to-be-at-CVS would suit him better, do let him know!

    (He should also note: Is semi-experienced, has some Abena X-Plus in Medium packed away from earlier experiments, but actually found those very clumsy, hard to put on alone, seemingly too-big/loose below the waist, with tapes or wings giving up at the worst times... Dreams of the best absorbency he can get in a nonslip/elastic style of waist, and a fit just close enough to not feel like it's leaving a 3" air gap underneath him. ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    Get the large...i am a 36 waist but bigger hips and the mediums will pop a tape on me alot so yeah
    Pup must ask if this is noted with the green pack/red circle "Adjustable Underwear"? Or which one if not?

    Seems like the other CVS-brand options [for boys] are brown-circle "Maximum" with tapes...

    ...or blue-circle "Men's Super Plus" - with no tapes, so that can't be you, but Pup suddenly realizes those are likely to be basically the old 'Super Plus' with the good absorbence that he found too big in L. So pup will maybe risk those in "S/M" if he grabs a pack of those.
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    *twitchtwitch* Puppy has come back from the store - or stores - with a pack of blue-circle "Men's Underwear, Super-Plus Absorbency" in Small/Medium and a pack of red-circle "Adjustable Underwear" in Large.

    (Pup feels bad because he was buying other stuff as well, the cashier must've been new and was kind of stunned, and pup belatedly realized he was only charged for one out of two. Pup had balled up and tossed the receipt before courage came back to maybe go in and make things right - then without receipt or anything near exact change to slip with a 'trust me, you'd be short,' pup's social anxiety was not overcome. Pup will have to be charitable somewhere to keep up pup's karma.)

    Pup could not find Depends Boost and stopped at another CVS which also did not have them or any space for them or anything much like them, only 'guards' and 'shields' claiming weak absorbency and square 'pads.' An exception may be the new Tena cup product but pup has not read the label on that to see if it is made to take a soak. Puppy thinks this proves CVS does not carry Boost inserts retail in his area, so please tell puppy if some other chain in New England (near NYC) is known to.


    Pup is now trying on the "Men's Underwear, Super-Plus Absorbency" in "Small/Medium" and fit seems quite good, still "loose-fitting" but without huge sagging gaps, nowhere near too snug or ripping. Pup can say these are close descendants of the old "Super-Plus" pull-up, of very similar build and shape and large cut (and with same visible rectangle of blue gel that pup loves because he knows it works for him). It is hard for puppy to tell if the new incarnation is thinner/cheaper-feeling or if it is just his imagination based on the new size and 'shifted' padding.

    Puppy has a bigger problem, though! Package says to place 'colored waistband' in back, but waistband is colored all around! Really! One side does have a "[S-M]" size stamp. That side has a wide area of padding that does feel good under pup's backside. The other side seems to be where the blue gel is 'shifted' towards but is narrower in the width of the pad. Pup would feel a lot more confident if he could be sure he's not wearing these backwards!

    Edit: *wagwagwagwagwagwagwagwagyipyip* success!!! Pup went most of the day dehydrated and was surprised when a 20oz Mt. Dew he picked up at one of those stops wanted out (and brought some friends, so it felt). He's been getting conditioned after a week of wearing nights, so cautiously relaxed... then stood up and let things pour. Only slight pooling felt even at the heaviest moment, the leg gathers functioned properly, pup is safe and secure and 'dry' and *much* more thickly padded between the legs. Puppy has finally found something puppy can just trust without squinting his way through all sorts of trickle-control! He expects it can't take much more, but that's just fine by him, will be an excuse to change into another. ^_^! For pups or non-pups following in pup's footsteps, wearing under pants with a belt or drawstring would be advised - the Small/Medium waist is loose even on him, and gravity will assert itself, but tightening the belt a little is all it took to keep things held up nicely.

    Another update, a day later: But a rather excited/restless sleep in a pair of the "Men's Underwear" stretched the leg holes - making the fit the same as the old 'Large' pull-ups - and morning piddle dribbled pup's legs again with pull-up sagging greatly. Pup thinks this morn might've been a bit of a doozy, and the total capacity of the new 'Super Plus' - especially down a size - is slightly less than the old super-plus, but better positioned. Pup wonders why he has never seen a 'boxer-brief' style of pull-up for more leg containment, and whether pulling a regular pair of such atop might keep things in place overnight (or at least keep wet spots hidden beneath the hang of pup's shirt). But pup still finds these a major improvement for evening wear, and will see how the adjustables treat him tonight!

    Pup of course will report on the red-circle Adjustables in the next few days. They appear slightly thicker than the 'Underwear,' and perhaps will be exactly what pup looks for (Edit: or given the above edit, even better!) if the fit is right.

    Pup also notes that the brown-circle Maximum Absorbency are significantly thicker than either of these just from looking on the shelf, and seemed to be of the same thickness as the bulkiest Depends on the shelf. He is still teased by the promise in that name but they appear to be a tall full diaper with 4 tapes and it is hard to tell if they would be fabric-y or plastic from the package. Pup has never experimented with Depends, though had regular Depends Underwear-for-Men recommended to him, and is making this message very long but now wonders if he would or wouldn't enjoy that.


    Pup also apologizes for not using the multiple-quotes feature, was not familiar with it and maybe failed to read a guideline somewhere. He will try to use it in the future but is not sure what he's doing - should pup's new information this day later be edited into the above to keep the post count down, or is it just that pup failed to 'thread' his separate responses to posts that were coming in rapidly? *whimper,* confused.
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    Pup promised a review of the green-package, red-circle "CVS Day & Night Adjustable Underwear," and just slipped into and 'enjoyed' a pair in average-for-pup fashion. Pup's first impressions are... confusing.

    In Large, the Adjustables' dimensions are near exactly the same as the discontinued white-pack "CVS Super Plus Absorbent Protective Underwear Disposable" (not-overnight) that pup found too loose. The padding is of the exact same dimensions, but is slightly thinner on the new Adjustables (or tapered-off in thickness towards the top of the front?), and the blue gel has moved slightly forward compared to the old model, though the "Adjustables" are still a unisex model.

    Pup has spread both green-pack products out for comparison with the old "CVS Super Plus Absorbent Protective Underwear Disposable" and notes that both the new "Men's Underwear" S/M and new "Adjustable Underwear" L have leg holes starting an inch up from the 'bottom' when folded. The old white-pack's start from no more than 1/4 inch up. This means both newer products offer markedly deeper leg gather, or more roominess, in that area.

    Pup very much likes the concept and experienced security and repositionability of the 'velcro'-style tape adjustment. But pup was concerned the old pull-ups were quite large and, with the same dimensions, pup is 'adjusting' what feels like 5" on each side to obtain a moderately snug fit. Pup finds the leg holes as overly-capacious as the old model's, and is made a bit nervous, as the adjustment seems meant for the waist only, but just adjusting to the extent he finds comfortable requires some wrinkling or folding at the legs.

    Pup notes the instructions tell pup to stick the velcro pads 'within the colored area,' but there is no colored area other than the blue pad of the 'velcro' itself. Pup finds it obvious that the velcro material will grip anywhere along the waistband, though, and believes the instructions mean to keep the tapes at 'belt height' along the waist, not angled.

    Pup finds that, despite the looseness and faintly thinner padding, the Adjustables have performed admirably in first use compared to their discontinued predecessor, and may have slightly more capacity than the "Men's Underwear." Pup is not sure if the looseness actually helps - it feels like the padding hangs quite low between pup's legs, and that he is folding and bunching it when he walks, but this does mean pup hangs naturally, keeping aim at the center of the pad. It also means the leg gathers form a deeper 'bucket' if pup is standing and outpacing the wicking. Pup thinks he would otherwise prefer these in "Small/Medium" if he bought again.


    Final? pupdate: Pup wore these overnight, and... conditions may not have been fairest to them, because pup woke up 'excited' again after a whole week of being a good and innocent and nightly-padded pup. Pup had changed into a fresh pair and 'adjusted' them a bit looser than the first, as pup's mirror showed his preferred snugness was lifting the gathers off his legs. Pup forgot that security from motion is as-important, though, so woke with them slipped down a bit and maybe to the side, padding between the legs again feeling a bit 'crushed.' Pup made a modest effort to adjust and rolled onto his belly, where he was able to trickle a little (4 oz?) and the padding caught it all. Emboldened, pup stood up for his real morning piddle - at only a modest flow, pup was still excited - and got about halfway through when a faint sense of 'out-running' became a big wet spot down the back of pup's leg. Pup is unsure exactly what to make of this and almost thinks the padding lost some capacity by being crushed or absorbing humidity overnight, but would certainly see if the "Small/Mediums" sealed more securely around his legs if he bought these again.

    Pup concludes that both products were quite practical to let pup have at least one (Men's Underwear) or two (Adjustables) carefree piddles during waking hours, but both still require pup's conscious attention when worn overnight. (Pup doesn't wet at night and isn't even untrained enough to go easily lying down, but his morning-after experiences probably apply equally to heavy night use.)

    Pup notes that all overnight experiments were conducted under jeans with a belt - pup often sleeps in his clothes, and this allowed for some concealment in-case-of-emergency as well as protection from major shifting or twisting. Pup thinks that e.g. the Large Adjustables are so loose on him that he'd be lucky to wake up with them still on otherwise!

    Pup does think he must go to at least a "Maximum Absorbency" product that offers snugger fit around the legs (maybe easier with a taped diaper if even "Small/Medium" pull-ups insist on accepting elephant legs) to have truly carefree nights and mornings. But pup will wait until current stocks deplete to test that theory.


    Pup's stockpile is large now, and he's having better luck with these than prior purchases, but he wonders what to have in mind to try next. He wished for pull-ups, but none really match the snug feel from pup's puppyhood, and he needs something that can keep up with him - noting these Adjustables just properly held another cup.

    Pup went through the trouble of ordering the X-Plus a while back, but was not enthused - and Medlines for a 38" waist, with unknown potential because they tore right off when he had a 38" waist. He prefers a 'cloth'/'fabric' back... and padding thick enough to keep pup secure and do its job, but with no need for bulk just for bulk's sake. "Velcro" tapes seem to overcome the worst pitfalls of a true diaper, so pup wonders if the brown-circle "Maximum Absorbency" diapers also feature those?

    Or would another brand serve pup much better? Depends and Tena are certainly on every shelf, and Walgreens and Brooks are also nearby, along with Wal-Mart and Target. Pup sees the Walgreens diapers are sometimes-applauded and seem to feature the velcro - but is the CVS diaper the same thing?

    [Pup now apologizes for any gratuitous use of the word 'diaper,' but needs to make the distinction between a pull-up and something that requires taping. 'Brief' is an awkward euphemism, applied to both types of product.]
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    Well if you had to ask me ...the walgreens or cvs ( same thing ) max diaper , the ones you have to tape , are the best that can be found at a drugstore or such place.

    The velcro will stick to any part of the outer clothlike cover, they are discreet as they dont crinkle and I have been wearing them for months now and havent had any major issues .

    The other type I wear are the Attends but those I wear cause I get them free do to a friend having a Huge stockpile of them.

    Very through reviews there , glad to see ya on the site .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    Well if you had to ask me ...the walgreens or cvs ( same thing ) max diaper , the ones you have to tape , are the best that can be found at a drugstore or such place.
    Pup appreciates this information, particularly the confirmation that the CVS and Walgreens products are the same. Pup just likes the convenience of a CVS being 24/7 nearby because pup never knows when he's going to be out on his lonesome with an urge to pick up puppy products. Pup also isn't afraid to use his store card and maybe get coupons!

    Edit: Aiee, another edit. Pup forgot to note he has saved specimens of the old ones, will do the same for the new ones, and will try to snap some photos for the Wiki someday as far as showing what's inside those green wrappers. Probably not for a while, but pup will try to remember to do it!

    Very through reviews there , glad to see ya on the site .
    Pup wags and thanks you for the welcome! Pup really should introduce himself in the greeting forum, but same is made complicated by pup just being a simple pup here.

    Pup also hopes pup referring to pup as "pup" isn't getting too tiresome, because it's important to him for keeping the state of mind that makes him want to try, and share, all this. Pup is... always a pup, but either he's letting it show or hiding it, and he's so good at hiding that he can easily forget his own joy in it. Or so he's convinced himself. :tailswish:

    (Keep your eyes on the swishing tail - now don't you want to be a puppy too? )
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    Yirp. Pup resurrects this thread because he got tired of 'capacity issues' with his old stockpile - and the new Adjustables - so broke down and took the advice here to try the taped brief in "Large" (which in CVS incarnation claims '45"-58"' on the package without specifying waist or hip).

    Pup thought he was gonna love the Adjustables but, after a few tries, 'Large' of those is too baggy, around the leg and overall, and the absorbency isn't very different from the 'Men's Underwear' (while the position of the gel in the 'Men's' product does make a big difference as far as sopping up after a boy puppy). So 'Men's Underwear' in medium has been a win (but for the still-limited capacity) and the large Adjustables are proving a bit of a disappointment.

    Pup's first impression of the taped diaper is that the Large is extremely roomy (baggy) over the protected areas (and as expected with tapes, tall up the waist - no hiding these under his waistband), but has a bit more of a leak-guard arrangement between the legs. Pup finds the tapes are falling just to the sides of the padding / in line with his legs, if that helps anyone else guess fit, and of course the velcro is magic and allows to get everything 'just right'.

    This puppy will have to report back after he's properly experienced these, but has found reference that the capacity should be double of any store-brand pull-ups (except maybe 'belted undergarments,' which pup can't fathom and has not tried), and other references that suggest no pull-up exists with anything near the capacity of even this 'low-end' taped product. So if he doesn't want to drip he'll probably have to get used to taping up. (The Tranquility overnight pull-up might be the exception, if it's really double anything else, so pup supposes that goes on his wish-list.)


    Edit: Weeks later, pup should really write up his experiences with the brown-circle CVS taped: Fit is pretty nice, though perhaps the smaller size would be too. Tapes hold. The padding itself is actually kind of thin, especially for a 'diaper,' and in use two major issues are noted. First, perhaps a hazard of being so baggy, the 'pulp' or 'fluff' or whatever you call the non-gel white flocking tends to compress and clump as the loose portion folds with sleep or movement or whatever. Examining after, pup finds it sorta rolling into 'ropes' with big empty spaces (visible through the inside lining when it's wet and transparent). Second, and a bit troubling to pup, is that the absorbency is deceptive - the blue gel is not very thick, or very absorbent - pup thinks it's a 'teaser' painted on there! - while the pulp is very fast at wicking, but can only take it to the back of the padding, there's not enough gel to lock anything away. The result is that, worn overnight, pup's morning soak seems contained - with less risk of leg drips, due to the tapes - until he sits down and ends up with very wet pants, shirt and chair - everything wicks to the gel-less pulp back of the padding, where the slightest touch causes 'squeeze-out.' Pup's not sure if he got a bad or early or redesigned batch - the package promotes 'New, more breathable!' or something - and is ambivalent about the whole experience. With the addition of more operable gel, like those Boost pads pup found out are only mailorder, these could be quite good. But otherwise they inspire thoughts of 'stuffing.' Pup finds the pull-ups seem to have better gel somehow (even if lower capacity overall?), and no 'clumping' problems with their padding, so a "Men's underwear" wedged inside one of these roomy things seems like an obvious option.

    Stuffing was a complexity this pup was hoping to avoid, so he's gonna use these up and decide if he's puppy enough to mail-order something like them with a more consistent reputation.

    For a repeat summary, the total capacity is probably above any of the pull-ups, but the squeeze-out and seemingly weak gel is disappointing. As far as gel and wicking, pup finds the pull-ups' gel puffs and "locks away" much better, but the pull-ups won't wick to the back of the padding before dripping from the leg holes. These taped diapers puff a little, but seem to be almost all wicking, instantly to the back, but not enough gel to lock away any of it. Pup really wonders if this is just how these are, or if his package was made on a day the gel machine was running low! (The store-available Depends are supposed to be even worse than these? Eep! Pup needs a smaller bladder!)


    Pup also notes that the North Shore Care website is very useful as a decoder ring for what each brand-name product's euphemisms are supposed to mean in fluid oz. (Pup has no affiliation with, and has never ordered from them - just was happy to find all those numbers on one site!)
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