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    So after not wearing for a couple wks, and not comming here for a couple wks, i figured out i missed it so much.. i found out that diapers were truely apart of who i am... I just wanted to say that diapers couldnt escape me...

    i am about to get a couple Bambino diapers.. and thinking about getting a cloth diaper.

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    I think we've all felt like you at one time or another. What tends to happen is what we call Binge and Purge. The desires tend to come and go, but come back they do. It's all about acceptance, and accepting yourself. If you're cool with it, enjoy!

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    Well, I actually left.

    Great to hear that you have come to terms with yourself--and I hope you keep it up! This infantilism thing drives me crazy as well, sometimes....

    Great to hear you will try Bambino diapers. I've heard they are great for disposable diapers.

    Though, I definitely recommend cloth (which comes from someone who has worn cloth). From my experience, I've always known cloth diapers to be far more comfortable--but I do warn you that they can get quite warm during the summer months. And also keep in mind that cloth diapers (and plastic pants, if you buy those as well) can be expensive up-front. It is great to know, however, that in the long term cloth diapers can be re-used and will pay themselves back.

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    I bought two All in One (AIO) cloth diapers on e-bay recently, they are kind of big, but they are very comfy and absorbent. the price wasn't to bad either, about $25. The main downside is their size, they are very bulky and hard to hide. But they are great to just wear around the house with only a T-shirt.

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