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Thread: Unusal childhood adult-nappy experience

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    Default Unusal childhood adult-nappy experience

    Hey, this is going to sound OTT and weird, but this is the truth. There was one ocassion when my parents gave me two adult nappies when I was a child. I will explain...

    Both my parents are nurses and give 100% to their jobs, giving more than they are paid to do, always trying to make life good for the patients. As a child I was always quite curious about what all the medical equipment etc did and although I was kept at an appropriate distance from actual patients (other than those who loved kids) I got more experience and education in medical things than most kids would.

    At the same time, I spent my entire childhood being obsessed with and envious of baby things. I wanted to be a toddler again, like many here - I'd guess. I used to make 'play pens' out of chairs and stuff like that.

    Well, on one ocassion, when I was maybe 9 or 10 these interests must have co-incided. I must have heard of and got interested in how in the hospitals (and nursing homes) there were 'giant' nappies. I guess I wanted one, but I don't remember any of that part, just that both my parents brought one home for me. I remember my Dad bringing home a 'large' one and my Mum saying, that's too big, no way is she a large. She had brought medium (Still big though, I was a slim kid)

    I never used those nappies, nor wore them as underwear. My parents would have freaked and taken them away. Neither did I desire to do those things. I wore them over my trousers. I remember they were done up for me in a lose way so I could take them on and off, just to play dressing up I guess.

    I'm also pretty sure they were done up first, then given to me. Or at least there was no more fuss than helping a kid do up a coat or something, not any weird 'diapering' experience. Nothing like that. I would remember it if there had been.

    The nappies were kept in my bag of dolls clothes. I remember being a bit unnerved by them because they had a funny hospital smell and they were cumbersome to a child, I couldn't really manage them and they frustrated me. I only remember playing with them once, I went outside, along the back lane wearing one over my trousers but under a big rain mack.

    I remember them being in amongst the dolls clothes for a while and they disappeared at some point. In hindsight, now that adult nappies are like treasure, I can hardly believe that time when my parents gave me two. It seems like a wierd dream. And really quite a weird one too.

    We often used to have the big hospital Attends cardboard boxes at home too. That is, the ones that were to be thrown away otherwise. We used to use them to put the hamster in while we cleaned the cage each week.

    To my parents though, adult nappies are a matter of fact insignificant part of work, like wheelchairs and drip stands. It's not meaningful to them. They probably wouldn't remember bringing those home.

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    My dad used to bring home stuff from his work for me to play with (electric stuff, like old phones). I think it's nothing special when your parents bring home stuff from work, and if your parents are nurses, it would have to be nursing products. Obviously, the product that could do the least damage you'd find in a nursing home are that special eating equipment (sippy cups, oversized spoons etc.), but that's expensive and the home may notice it's missing. So diapers would probably be second on the list - they can't harm you in any way, and no one will miss one or two because no one keeps track of every single diaper in a place that goes through them by the dozen or hundred each day. Obviously, your parents wouldn't get you a wheelchair or some other dangerous stuff to play 'nursing home' at home.


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    Same thing with me, Peachy. My dad would bring home all sorts of different things, I'd tear them apart, and have a blast.

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    My dad only brought home stuff like server cabinets and other useless junk that he thought he could put to good use but never did, so I turned them into art n.n I'm a sculptor.

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    Yeah, cool, I guess parents would bring inexpensive stuff home, it makes sense. I wanted to write in such a way as to big up the normal side so it didn't seem like a crazy story. Glad you saw that side. We also had a syringe (minus needle obviously) for my Dad to measure plant feed. Seems funny to think about the nappies in the current context, but at the time it was logical, yeah.

    Jeffy - Cool how you turned the junk into art! No idea how, that must be quite a skill.

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    One time when I was still a kid I was on vacation with my family. I still wore diapers at night and one time my parents had ran out of em and werent able to find any baby diapers my size in town; they did manage to find small adult diapers at a pharmacy, so I wore them instead. They were rather big on me, but they fitted.

    Also, a cousin or something who worked as a driver for a candy factory once loaded us up with boxes of the stuff. It was amazing!

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    My mum works in a hospital, and when I mentioned that I was planning on buying some fake blood for a fancy dress costume, she offered to get me some real stuff from work.

    "I'll make sure it's somebody without hepatitis, but you might want to wear a vest under the costume!"

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    I am glad my mother never brought stuff home from work, she works for the state doing autopsys and stuff. Totally cool, as long as it stays at the hospital...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    My mum works in a hospital, and when I mentioned that I was planning on buying some fake blood for a fancy dress costume, she offered to get me some real stuff from work.

    "I'll make sure it's somebody without hepatitis, but you might want to wear a vest under the costume!"
    I. Love. Your. Mom. xDDDD

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    They never brought anything like that home from work. However, my father has handcuffs from his police days, lots of stuff from when he was working at Southwestern Bell/SBC/ATT. Lots of batteries and modems and stuff. Wireless routers. All sorts. Now he's got lots of pets and pet stuff from the pet parlor he owns.

    My aunt gives me tons of phones and stuff from ATT, probably best of all, my mother worked for Atari and brought back all the atari game consoles, all the periphs, and all the games. That was cool. Too cool. Shame she doesn't work at nintendo now.

    Err...but no. No diapers or anything.

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