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Thread: Hello, I'm NikonFilmPhotog and I'm new

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    Default Hello, I'm NikonFilmPhotog and I'm new

    Hello all,

    A few things about me:

    I'm gay - Been out since I was 16.
    In a relationship - Over 8 years with my partner.
    Just recently came to terms with my ABDL - I would say my split is 20% AB & 80% DL. You would think that coming out as gay is hard but I just told my parter after 8 years about my being ABDL and it was very difficult, my partner understands and is very supportive.
    I try and sleep with a stuffed teddy and suck my thumb but sucking my thumb isn't working so I'd like to get a NUK 5.

    My interests:
    Motorcycling and scootering - I have a 2005 Goldwing and a 2010 SH150i
    Photography - I shoot film and slides and do all of my own color processing and printing using chemicals processes. Don't care for digital. Love Nikon cameras and Fujifilm products, my favorite types of pictures are macro images.
    Pinball machines & arcade games - I have a small arcade with 5 pinball machines and 1 arcade game.
    Camping - I love to sit in my folding tent camper and look out the screen and watch and smell nature.
    Ham radio - I'm studying for my General class license right now but want to be and Extra before I have to renew my license in Apr of 2010.
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    I have to admit with such a genaric *b name I thought you would just be some n00b but after reading this thread I hope I see more of you on the forum. You seem really well put together.

    Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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    Welcome to ADISC. I thoguht a while ago they removed the req. For using a ham. Or was that just the need to know mores"sp" code?? Anyways.

    Really nice to meet you.

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    No more Morse code for a Ham license (in the USA at least). I could just barely master 5 words per minute to get mine. I didn't renew

    Welcome to the community, ABDLboy. There's lots of opportunity to get acquainted with us, in many categories. Just look around, you'll certainly find many places that you can converse with other members.

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    Don't do digital photography at all? Aw god, you're gonna love me then. I'm a computer artist so half my studies involves digital photography.

    Nonetheless, it's an interesting life you lead there. I look forward to reading some of your contributions to ADISC Happy posting...


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    You certainly are diverse and I think that's great. Welcome to the site.I have a lot of interests as well. It's what makes life interesting.

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    :bunny:Welcome and thanks for the great intro. Looking forward to seeing you in the forums.:bunny:

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