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Thread: Router Problem

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    Default Router Problem

    I have a motorola modem. And recently it cuts off internet connection randomly. Why might it be doing this?

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    Quite a lot of things.

    Since it's Motorola, wild stab in the dark and guessing you use cable Internet.
    Now is your computer directly to the PC or do you run through a router?
    What operating system are you running off of?
    Do you still retain an IP address and can you ping from the command prompt during these drops? (This one I can instruct you upon if I know the answers to the other two).

    Before calling your ISP and bitching (which no one better suggest >.>), lets make sure where the problem is.

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    What kind of internet connection? Dial-up, cable, DSL? What is the model of the modem? Has anything changed in your house or neighborhood recently? New appliance? Construction work?

    Just trying to gather enough info to begin to analyze your situation Sorry if I seem nosy.

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    (going off memory here, if anyone wants to chime in and correct details, please do)

    If it's a motorola surfboard 5xxx, you can try going to:

    That's the address for most motorola cablemodem internal diagnostic pages. Depending on your cable provider, they may or may not allow you to access the pages needed to get any useful data. It's worth a shot, though. Any numbers on the connection stats page showing up in red mean that some aspect of your connection signal is outside the acceptable range.

    If the internal diagnostics are disabled or nothing obvious shows up, then you'll have to call your internet provider and have them check your line stats.

    Also, are you sure it's the cablemodem and not the router? I've had lots of home routers flake out on me. There should be some indicator lights on your modem - when you drop, is there any change in the lights?

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    When the connection drops, are you able to still connect to the router's admin page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    It is a DSL connection, Wireless internet. The OS is Vista
    Could be an issue with the wireless, so we need to eliminate that as a variable first.

    Does the connection to the wireless drop, when the internet does? Or do you retain a connection to your router while the internet is down? (checking the wireless icon to see if it atleast has local connection will determine this).

    Do you have any computers that are hardwired? If so are they still online when your wireless drops? If they are, then it's an issue with rather the router, or your computer. If they are dropping as well, then it may be a general connection issue.

    If you don't have a second computer to see if hardwire connections stay up, you'll have to hardwire your own computer and see if it drops. If the drops do not occur while hardwired. We're looking at something with your computers wireless, or the routers wireless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcviper View Post
    If its the modem you call the goddamn ISP.

    Before calling your ISP and bitching (which no one better suggest >.>), lets make sure where the problem is.
    Or you can make sure it's a problem with router first, instead of wasting there time bitching. >.> We don't appreciate it, and this is what they're going to have him do regardless. Except with the handicup of an accent, and trying to understand any american slang.

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