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Thread: Cold/Flu what do you do?

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    Default Cold/Flu what do you do?

    I seem to have either the cold or flu at the present time and my dad wants to go down to LA this week. That said I need to get over this shit and fast.

    So please, tell me all your secrets for getting over a cold/flu. Really I do need help on this ASAP. (Yes Pojo, I know lord psychodin made a topic like this but that was more about comfort then taking measures to get better)

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    Sleep and fluids. If you truly do have the flu, you should stay home. No since in risking other people's health.

    Been around any pigs lately? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyjeff View Post
    Sleep and fluids. If you truly do have the flu, you should stay home. No since in risking other people's health.

    Been around any pigs lately? :P
    No, but I did go to a card/comic shop this past weekend that was pretty packed and we all know how geeks care about health. I also went to a pretty big mall, had samples and bought a stuffed Eeoyre from the Disney store that most likely some kid sneezed of or something. (Screw you Modesto!)

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    As long as it was an Eeoyre and not a Piglet you should be fine hehe.

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    I wash my damn hands after going to the bathroom, before I eat, and after I sneeze/blow my nose.

    I also blow my nose or sneeze INTO something (usually my hands--which I then wash--for sneezing, and a tissue/toilet paper for blowing my nose).

    Unfortunately, you cannot expect people to do these simple things. This is why you should take active steps to prevent the virus from taking hold in the first place.

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    I gotta go with h3g3l with the hand-washing. I wash my hands first thing I get home after being out somewhere, and I haven't gotten sick in years.

    Wash your hands A LOT and you'll be fine. Also, drink lots and lots of 10 glasses a day.

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    Man up and deal. Sucks, but nothing really to be done but treat the symptoms with some tylenol and get on with your ife.

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    There's really nothing you CAN do once you're sick except take some time off and try not to exert yourself. Drink plenty of fluids so you don't dehydrate and eat if you can. Fruit and veggies that are easy on the stomach, and anything with fiber is good. Oatmeal if you can; Metamucil, benefiber or other fiber supplements if you can't - basically, just to make sure you're not squirting out both ends so to speak. Also, fiber is a good thing to eat plenty of anyway.

    Do not overload on vitamin C (or any other vitamin) since there's an upper limit your body can handle safely and exceeding your daily recommended dose has shown no positive effect at all despite what quacks would like you to believe. In fact, overloading vitamin C has been shown to cause kidney stones (trust me, these hurt and can cause serious long-lasting damage) and diarrhea. Over-the-counter remedies (like that conjob Airborne) have no affect at all that will help you, so save your money. Anything advertised as 'strengthening your immune system' won't do such a thing, and that's good. If it really could do that, it would be by prescription only since your immune system being too strong is what causes autoimmune disorders like lupus. Antibiotics don't work since the flu and colds are caused by viruses, so don't bother.

    Basically, just stay at home, take some soothing hot showers, keep your feet up and try to keep yourself fed and hydrated. Let your own immune system fight the virus and try to enjoy a couple days off, as hard as that might be. Oh, and watch the fever - if you hit the 108 mark (that's 42 for us Canucks) you will get brain damage. If you go above 107/41.6, cool yourself off with a cold shower. If that doesn't work, call a doctor. You should also call a doctor if you find yourself coughing a lot and unable to catch your breath. It's probably not serious (statistically, the ones at risk are children and seniors), but you can get a fluid buildup in your lungs that basically suffocates you. So if you feel like you're suffocating, it's time to seek medical attention. Risks of both fever and fluid buildup are rare in adults, so don't worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    (Yes Pojo, I know lord psychodin made a topic like this but that was more about comfort then taking measures to get better)
    What...Who the fuck is lord psychodin. Why would you call me out? Darkfinn was the one originally telling the multiple thread guy off. Yeesh. I was actually going to answer with a a legit answer because I actually don't remember an older thread like this, but thanks for calling me out on whatever I seemed to have done.

    Anyways, if I have a cold, I just deal with it and go on with my day. My parents never really know if I do have one actually, because I don't complain about it, and I just act like nothing is wrong. If I have the flu though, you know I'm out, because I'll just completely crash.

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