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Thread: anyone attending UConn?

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    Default anyone attending UConn?

    I was just wondering if anyone is goin to the University of Connecticut. I will be going there this fall, and i thought it would be cool to meet another AB cuz i havent met a fellow AB yet. UConn is a rather large school so i thought there has to be at least a few ABs there.

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    Put a poster on a wall, with your phone number (make a new one) And hope to get some calls

    But in the real world, hope someone here posts.

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    One of my best friends is going to UCONN, but she's not an *B. I don't think that helps a lot, but I wish you the best of luck in finding someone though

    - Asher

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    You'd probably have better luck checking other forums for threads advertising local events. Calling for others that may reside at or near your location never works that well around here... for whatever reason. People here tend not to share info like that... especially with someone who is not well known or respected yet.

    Stick around... be active here... contribute properly... and maybe someone local to you will step forward.

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    Don't they have several campuses around the state? I'm no collage student but a CT resident. There are a bunch of us Connectinuts here on the forum.

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    yea there are several but im goin to the main campus in storrs

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    hey bud, yea i just graduated from UConn actually. I know a few DLs who go there and also a few who live in the area. It can be a pretty active place and I certainly encourage you to actively seek out others! You would be surprised how many there are, the problem is they think theyre the only ones so they are not active. But we are getting a group together in CT, so if you wanna meet some of them just PM me and you can meet the small group we have together now.

    BTW, UConn is possibly the best school...ever. Carriage and Celeron for the first few weekends, then you gotta be the best party thrower you can and you will eventually gain legendary status. my roommate and I lived together for three years (Sophomore-Senior) and by Senior year our parties were legendary (we are both in the same fraternity). They were off campus at Willy Oaks..anyway I am more than happy to chat with you about any of this! Good to hear from another Husky..

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    My bro is going there. I almost ended up going there, but I opted to get the fuck out of CT. Washington State for me. Uconn didn't really have a film program. But if I was going there, I doubt that I would feel comfortable enough to share my... interest... with a total stranger. (no offense)

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    ha yea I am at the point that I am opting to get out of CT too (moving to Philly for my new job). Washington state was an interesting choice though..I can't say its much different there lol.

    And by the way no offense taken to your last comment Possibly Insane. I understand its a tough subject to talk about, especially with a complete stranger, but at some point I think most AB/DLs find that they just want a person, or group of people, who share the interest to be around so they feel more comfortable with themselves. I found myself at that point in UConn which is how I met as many DLs as I did.

    But anyway, anyone going there is welcome to get in touch, or not, believe me I will not be offended by the latter lol. Good luck to you on the West Coast Possibly Insane!

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