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Thread: Computer Names

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    Default Computer Names

    Computers may be named to identify them on a network (e.g. through NETBIOS) or otherwise identified (e.g. a label with BLINKENBOX attached to a machine).

    What do you name your computer(s), and why?

    As an example, my machines are named for philosophers.

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    I use my nicknames for the computers. The nicknames I'm into, the ones I name the computer with.

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    One is "(my name)-PC". Yeah, it's boring. But my other one is "It's a cow!"

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    I use it on a network connected to printers and such for sublimation printing. The name "Comrade" came from a gag related to The Party in 1984. I was reading it at the time when I set up shop.

    My slogan was going to be "Inner party quality, at an outer party price!"

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    Current one i'm on Is Master Qel-Droma.

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    Yeah, I'm boring.

    So I have


    and previously


    (With ME and BRO being replaced by my and my brothers actual names).

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    Just chose a name, not of something specific.

    My main rig: Helix is named after my best friend
    My old rig: Brisingr is named after a book series the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)
    My iPod: Nutcase is a name I originally thought up for the CanSat project as Callsign for the can but I loke enough to use for my iPod.
    I haven't used my laptop since I started naming stuff so it doesn't have a name.

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    mines are named after characters and objects from the Legend of Zelda Series

    my Laptop is called Triforce, because its a centrino, and it was the first thing that came into my mind :_)

    my main/Gaming PC is called Hyrule (II) - being Renamed from Moblin to Hyrule, because Moblin was already in use for a Project by intel if i remember rite

    the II in the name is not actually in use , but just an indicator because its the second incarnation of Hyrule, with the first hardwareset being replaced a few weeks ago

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