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Thread: Got a problem with Darkfinn?

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    Exclamation Got a problem with Darkfinn?

    Okay... that's it.

    I've had enough. Enough with the stupid reputation games, enough with the personal attacks in every thread. You people need to get the sand out of your cunts, grow up, and stop acting like immature twerps every time someone disagrees with you.

    I try my best to keep my observations objective... but if someone is clogging up the boards with overstated generic trash or more bullshit stories I feel obligated to point it out. It's a quality control thing really... and judging from the threads I've seen recently and the amount of friend requests I've gotten there are others here who are in my corner as well.

    Guess what folks... the world isn't all unicorns and rainbows, no matter how many diapers you wear (thanks Ollie!). People are going to disagree with you and find ways to criticize the things you say and do. You could react like a mature individual... accept the fact that people don't always all think the same way... and move on. Or you could get all bent out of shape over it and start mashing away on the little reputation button, laughing as you go.

    I see which method is preferred around here.

    I'm calling all of you immature whiners, spammers, and perverts out right now. You know who you are... I know who you are... and the people that support me know who you are. You all deserve a good kick in the pants, but since I can't get to you physically to beat some sense into you, this will have to do.

    If you want to neg rep me, go right ahead... brag about it even like some of you enjoy doing... I don't care. VIP doesn't amount to a pile of crap around here anymore... and I've got, oh, 89 points left... so bring it.

    To the mods.

    I ask you to please leave this thread be. I realize it violates some rules, but so do a lot of other things around here. This is an important matter that I believe needs to be settled now... or it is just going to continue on forever. I'm not going to change, and I'm not going to stop saying or doing the things I do. If the general consensus around here is that I should be banned... then ban me. Otherwise tell all these wankers to lay off the rep and personal attacks.

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    Nope, I have no problem with Darkfinn.
    You won't lose any points from me. I support your right to say what you want, even if I don't agree with what you have have to say.
    Mature discussions lead to knowledge.

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    I totally agree with you Darkfinn. Just because someone doesn't agree with another's opinion is no reason to use the negative rep button. That is supposed to be used for the off the wall comments, like, "I just pooped my diaper and this girl that I just met last night really likes it when I do that!" Or...."I met this squirrel in the park yesterday. Well one thing followed another and I've really fallen in love with it. Do you guys think it would be okay if I had sex with it?"

    The problem with getting neg. repped for being honest is that all of us will stop being honest with our opinions. Then the site will become nothing but meaningless pablum. I'm tired of new members that come on, neg. rep. older members with no understanding who these long standing members are, and all the help we've given others, and the good things which we have done.

    I can't help but wonder if some of these button happy individuals would be so quick to send neg. reps if it had to be done face to face, manno a manno! Like Bill Mahr said, it's so easy to e-mail, and then walk away from it. "I'll deal with it tomorrow." Neg. repping behind a computer screen is like talking badly about someone behind their back.

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    I have my own opinions, which I will keep to myself right now, but it does worry me that we have side-taking. That's my reason for not giving my opinion. I don't believe Darkfinn means for side-taking to occur, I would suggest that Tommy's posts have actively encouraged it, whether or not that was the intention. Question is, how far will this go? Can we somehow manage to nip it in the bud and restore what's gone wrong? I hate to say it, but truth is, the first step to truely making things right often comes from the innocent party. Seeing things from the other viewpoint is vital, even when it's not fair. Then the other sees what offence they've caused and can be sorry.

    I sound idealistic and naive, I know. But c'mon, please can we sort stuff out?

    Edit: Yeah, neg repping as a popularity weapon is just not cool. But, can you not appeal so that the mods decide if it was fair, malicious or just uncalled for?

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    No problems here. I personally love straight shooters. Too much sugar coating in the world these days.

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    Well as I've said before, I stay out of it. I realize everyone has opinions and I just dont want to be involved in the side taking crap. If you post something be honest. like Bobbyjess said, I love straight Shooters

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    I will admit that some of your posts can be a little overbearing; but on the whole, your a great person and a load of help to newbies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity' View Post
    I will admit that some of your posts can be a little overbearing; but on the whole, your a great person and a load of help to newbies.
    Yeah, I think this sums up my opinion too. I like you, Darkfinn!

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