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Thread: My summer thus far

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    Default My summer thus far

    Well let's see I have been working for a carnival for a year a nd as of today i quit. I wil be going home soon and I will be posting daily I hope. I have set up rides and they are kiddie rides ironically enough. I love the Mind Winder for sure!!!

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    Grats on the quiting, i guess? I've been looking for a job for a few months now, mebe i'll take yours...

    Graduation summer for me. lot's of boozin. I've done more partying in the last few eeks than i've ever done before. my liver hates me.

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    Interesting enough, i'm a life guard amusement park currently, given my location, there's tons about.

    anyway it's super easy work, watch out for the fatties in the 4ft end is basically what i do!

    i'm probably going to quit soon though, my friend might be able to get me a job at sam ash
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    I work, and I party with friends. I won't remember most of my summer by the time it's done, and I like it that way. <3

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