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    I am a newbie to this site and hope to meet friends and if I am lucky, perhaps a special baby to have a special relationhship with. I prefer sissies over the age of 30 and non-sissies are ok, too. I do not do Mentoring. Vulgar emails will be ignored.
    I do not respond to profiles without at least one good facial pic. Let's get to know eachother as real people first and not as Fetish-players...I like to save the best for last.
    I have zero tolerance for toppers from the bottom, inexperienced or curious, or posers looking for free room and board. I am fully serious and sincere about this Life-style.
    I do light discipline but will not do heavy BDSM.
    I am into nursing, lactation, snuggles, rocking, feeding, diaper changing (wet & messy ok), some sex, and Dominating your little boy life. You will do as I say and do it when I say it.
    Your reward is to have the Love and Praise of a warm-hearted, natural Mommy.

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    Welcome to Adisc. Just to give you a heads up this really isn't a dating site. It's a chat forum we talk about a lot more than just diapers etc... What are some of your hobbies/interests you know stuff like that.

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    Sorry if I made it sound like a personal ad but that IS my interest: hoping to make lots of AB friends and maybe someday meeting my own baby. I like to read, watch movies, cook, sew, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Ozarks, write, and read anything that has to do with ABDL. Thank you for writing.

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    As said before, Most of us are *B/DL's. But that does sounds more or less like a personal ad. Not saying you cant come here and find what your looking for either thought

    Well even thought you'll most likly never end of being my mommy. What other things are you into? A friendship is always nice to you know

    Well I like video games"CoD:WaW latly". An reading books, I love Terry Goodking ~ Sword of Truth. Really a great read. I also love watching youtube videos

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    I hate to repeat what's already been said, but the others are right.

    To be perfectly honest, while it is a definite plus that you so openly apologized for the "personal ad" and adapted to our "style", it'd probably be best if you downplayed your first post a bit. The ability to edit it should be available to you soon (If it isn't already), and I would suggest you utilize it. (Just my opinion, you understand..)


    Other than that.

    You write? Any genre in particular, may I ask?

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    Welcome to the forums

    Quote Originally Posted by caregiver4littleone View Post
    I do not respond to profiles without at least one good facial pic. Let's get to know eachother as real people first and not as Fetish-players..
    I suggest you get one up then!

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