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Thread: Perverted? (Half assed explicit maybe)

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    Default Perverted? (Half assed explicit maybe)

    I have a question for all female members of TBDL of which there are few.

    Other of us manly men can answer, if you know. I might have posted this before but I cannot remember.

    Why am I "perverted" for enjoying womens... uhh womanly features.

    I enjoy looking at them, talking about them to friends and looking at them some more. If a girl hears me doing this, why does this make me "perverted"?

    I shouldn't talk about this in front of girls O' course but I don't try to. I know I'm doomed to self love for at least the next year or two but why does being the way I am make me "Perverted"? Also, I'm not going to change the way I am so women will like me more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Man's Prayer
    I am a man, but I can change, if I have too, I guess.

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    No. Your not perverted. Every/Most men will talk about it. In front of women or not. It's natural.

    But just be sure you don't go that extra mile.

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    If you drool over a woman on the bus...that might make you perverted....but just admiring her womanly..erm..attributes hardly makes you perverted.

    I'm just presuming you admire without the ogling and drooling! :p

    Of course, I'm old enough to understand how the male mind works..."BOOBS!"..."BEER!"...(not necessarily in that order) heheh

    Anyway...there is the opinion of a female (the type with 2 x-chromosomes)!

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    LOL @ the man's prayer (Red Green rules )

    To be honest, I couldn't answer, women are like Arabic to me, fancy and frilly and totally foreign! Perhaps, it may be when men go a little too far, and are anything but subtle in pointing out the size of a woman's breasts or whatever.

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    making comments about a girl's body or openly staring at her breasts is considered rude for a reason. it makes a person feel like they're just an object for your pleasure, and not even a full human being. i know i have at least one female friend who gets really upset and uncomfortable when guys objectify her body. it makes her feel scared and powerless and dehumanized when people look at her that way.

    you can't change the fact that you're sexually attracted to women's bodies. most guys are; it's normal. but if you think only about a person's body and forget that it belongs to a human being with thoughts and feelings and a personality, then you ARE being a little bit perverted. try not to stare, and don't comment on girls' bodies within their hearing. these are basic rules of social etiquette.

    a lot of guys never learn to see females as anything other than lust-inducing objects. guys like that seldom get laid, and when they do it's just f*cking, not lovemaking. if you ever want to be in a satisfying relationship with someone, you have to get to know them as a person, and think with something besides your dick.

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    Well I genrally don't comment on them within earshot. The thing is, I only talk to other guys about it, what I want to know is how this chick keeps finding out. And shes kinda bitchy in the first place so It doesn't really matter. I never talk to them about it because I know all they do if you do is just get mad at yeh. I generally think with my brain thanks.

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    Me and my Friends usually just do a "DAYUM!" when we drive or walk past a rather "hot chick". (Out of earshot though)

    Sometimes it might even be...

    Friend: "DAYUM!"
    Me: "Dude, I think you'd go to jail if you hit that."
    Friend: "Really?" *Looks again*
    Me: "Yeah, girls nowadays have a pre-requisite to dress slutty."
    Friend: "Oh shit!"

    (and yes, none of my friends know I'm inclined to the other gender. It doesn't bother me, anyway.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    but if you think only about a person's body and forget that it belongs to a human being with thoughts and feelings and a personality, then you ARE being a little bit perverted.
    Now here's something to think about: around here (Orange County) most of the girls that are drooled over have hot bodies but no personality. I may be wrong but their high school life consists of ditching, partying, and f**king. So does that change things at all?

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    To quote Lewis Black in Accepted:

    "No more sexual harassment lawsuits, either. Since when is it a crime to say "Hey, nice tits"? When did THAT go out the window?"

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    Ahh Lewis Black.

    An intelligent man, and a funny man.

    Kraidy how do they not find out?

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