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    is the first of two pictures of an old-time pram I saw in Warwick NY at an antique store.

    I did not ask the price.

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    Oooh dolly! :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnypuppy View Post
    is the first of two pictures of an old-time pram I saw in Warwick NY at an antique store.

    I did not ask the price.
    Awww....thanks for thinking of me, skinnypuppy! Yep, this one looks like it could qualify for being an "antique" - at least 100 years old. I have one made similarly with pin striped wood body and the same oilcloth-like upholstery, that my wife and I bought at auction, which I've dated to about 1919. Ours has an iron underframe/suspension and stamped, pin striped, metal spokes on metal wheels with very thin, hard rubber tires. This one is all wood including the wheels and spokes, so I'm guessing it's at least a decade or two (maybe more) older than mine.

    One thing I've learned about buying older toys and prams...if you're buying from an antique store you're going to pay an antique store price, whether or not it's truly "antique". The price probably would have shocked you if you had inquired!

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    ...That Pram is almost as old are you are, Pramrider!
    Yeah, my mom probably strolled me in one like, no wait...vague memories are returning. I believe mine was even older and had stone wheels, a wood chassis, and animal skin upholstery, now that you mention it. Think Flintstones!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
    Oooh dolly! :3
    Exactly what many people buy these for - they make great displays for your doll or plushie collection. They also can easily handle adult weight with their solid construction if you'd be inclined to try one out.
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    I know I have a picture around of my old Pram. If I get the time, I'll scan and download. It looks like a "woody", you know, those wooden sided cars from the 40s. Anyway, I liked your description of Fred Flintstone's pram, especially the stone wheels and the animal hide...haha.

    Being an organist, I have an old pump organ that was made in 1874, Brattleborough, VT. It's all hand carved rosewood. I bought it for $100. back when I was in high school. It's still waiting for me to finish restoring it. It spent its last years in a chicken coup. I even had to clean chicken feathers out of it. Unfortunately, pump organs have never gone anywhere in value. Most of them are worth about $500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    I found both those pics fascinating. Thanks! I had heard that during WW2, (although I only really learned about the UK history side of things) there were enclosed cots for babies too young for a gas mask. In the end, there was never a gas attack, so these were only ever used in air-raids as a precaution, not for absolute real. But since then, who knows?

    Is anyone also interested in the prams from the 80's and 90's? I am obsessed with studying the design progression and cannot resist gawping at any pics of them. I have reems of scrap-book A3 laminated pages of all the magazine and catalogue pics I could lay my hands on, from the modern day and any older ones. I once found an old Argos catalogue from the 90's and it was like Christmas that day!!

    There is a website with select pics of 90's prams, amongst other 2000's pics:


    Out of interest, do you all have Phil & Teds pushchair/prams where you live? - push - vibe

    And here are some more links for your amusement!...

    Boat pram...

    Hollytrees Museum-Top Ten Objects-Boat Pram

    Scooter pushchair (adult catch a ride too!)

    Introducing Roller Buggy: The pushchair that changes into a scooter! | Mail Online

    Metal Egg?...




    Scrap-yard stroller?...

    Baby Stroller: Made in China

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    I love older prams to, i have never seen a pram like the one in the photo that skinnypuppy added, i prefer silver cross style coach built prams (i guess im a posh baby!) and i always imagine iof i had a pram it would be dark blue with cream trim

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