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  • Northwestern/Sig

    7 53.85%
  • Corneila Marie/Phil

    2 15.38%
  • Wizard/Keith

    0 0%
  • Time Bandit/Hillstrand Boys

    4 30.77%
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Thread: Deadliest Catch

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    Default Deadliest Catch

    Ok, I love Deadliest Catch, there has to be others out there that love that show as well. So which boat/captain is your favorite and why?

    I like the Northwestern and Capt Sig. Sig is my kinda guy that tells it like it is and is not afraid to tick off his crew. But in the end he keeps everyone safe and they make a good profit for the season.

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    Corneila Marie/Phil

    I havn't see the show in a long time thought, DOnt get much time to wathc TV :\

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    I like it better then the copycat shows of it ....iceroad truckers, the logging shows etc

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    I <3 Deadliest catch. I'd have to say that i have 3 favorite captians and ships.

    I like Sig from the Northwestern

    Andy (opilio season) from the Time Bandit

    Keith from the Wizard

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    I son't have a favorate boat or captian. but i would have to say either sig or phil.

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    I love the show, but I don't really have a favorite. Basically I just watch it when it comes on, and the episodes are always random, so there's always some boats that are new and haven't been in past seasons, and then there are some that are old, that aren't in future seasons.

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    Time Bandit FTW!!!!

    lol @ no votes for Wizard

    Omg, Deadliest Catch fans!
    I love ADISC.

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    Well I Love all the boats and captains, Phil is a close second. I just cant believe that he almost died last year, and now he is back fishing and smoking more now then before.. Keith is just well different lol

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    I have actually gotten hooked on this show! I have been watching it on Tuesday nights at my bar after work. The bartender who works on Tuesdays, is a huge fan so he puts it on the big-ass TVs there.

    I even will watch it at home if I find it on. It's fun to watch. I find it interesting. Makes you respect what people do for a job. lol.


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