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Thread: were you ever punished with diapers when you were growing up?

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    Default were you ever punished with diapers when you were growing up?

    when i was about 4 or 5 years old i remember vaguely acting up in a filene's department store and my mom threatened to put me back into diapers. i'm not sure on this part but i think she actually did because i do remember my mom putting me in a stroller after and then something feeling odd down there when we were walking to the parking lot. the reason why my mom had diapers was because she was with a friend and i think i called her bluff by going "no you won't!" in a whiney manner (hehe).
    so anyways, i was wondering if any of you had this happen to you while growing up?

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    I never was, my parents hated changing diapers.

    Also put up a poll for this thread.

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    Nope never... once I was out of diapers, that was it.

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    My return to diapers when I started bed wetting at the age of 9 sure seemed like punishment at first. However, I soon learned to enjoy the warm feeling of a nice wet diaper in the morning when I woke up.


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    Nah, actually, my mom tried to get me to do babyish things (no diapers, though) all the time it seems. One time we were going to the cottage, and while waiting for it to be cleaned out I had to go, she told me to go in my pants and I wouldn't. I can also remember a few times I complained of being tired while out, and she told me to sit in my brothers stroller, and I refused. These things (and more) weren't punishments, and I wasn't forced to do them, they were just practical solutions to my whining.

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    I was never punished. It was other diaper experiences that got me into it.

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    Never. I grew up with my grandparents. Still haven't seen my parent( i refuse to say the word) And my mother always is working do i don't really have anyone to be punished by.(in any way)

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    yeah, it wasn't to use it was just that my mom was upset because i was exhausted and was whining and having a tantrum like a toddler so she got fed up and put a diaper on me because i was acting like a baby.

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    my dad threatened to put me back in diapers once but I never had to wear diapers as punishment

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