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Thread: What do you think about this???

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    Default What do you think about this???

    dont know if anyone has posted it b4 but here it is

    Basic summary: 3 kids were asked to come up to the front during a youth group meeting and they were then asked to go into the bathroom, there some other kids were waiting with diapers bibs and bonnets. The boys were then asked to go into a stall and take off all their clothes and put on the stuff the other kids gave em. while the boys were changing the (youth paster i guess u call him) asked 3 girls to come up to the front and sit down on a chair. when the boys were done changing they were told to go and sit on one of the girls laps so the girls can spoon feed them.

    i have seen this on a couple of websites and let me just say "WOW!!!"

    (warning: Sexual content) (no nude pics or anything like that but there is some sexual content in the article)(this artcle is one that *b/dls should read if they are sexually active)
    (like halfway down)

    Police report:

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    Scary. I actually know exactly where Mt. Lebanon is (and at the moment I'm only like a half hour's drive away from there).

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    Weird. I don't think it's anything *B related though, I can believe that it was actually an ice-breaking thing. That article is just trying to make it look "perverted".

    I hate that Savage Love thing though, clearly the writer knows very little about *Bs. One incident when you're 14 isn't going to make you a TB...

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    It's just wrong, in my opinion. It's one thing if you were to gather a bunch of people who had expressed an interest in doing the things mentioned in the article, but basically forcing the kids sounds wrong. It probably would have been conceived as a joke if he had just given the girls the food and a spoon, but making the boys strip naked and show up in nothing but a diaper seems over the line. I doubt the normal youth camp activities include stripping and running around in, basically, underwear.


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    on one hand it does seem very creepy, but churches are like that. when i went to a youth group they had us do a commercial for depends diapers as an activity. it was clothed and it was boys vs. girls rather than what they did so it wasn't that odd, but i, for obvious reasons, was flushed and didn't feel comfortable being with them and around diapers at the same time.
    as far as that "savage love" guy goes, he's a monkey with a blog, nothing more.
    i have to say that the best quote came from the news report:
    "O.J. has been there for a long time. He is a trusted person in the community who has the kids' best interests in mind," Mr. Swenson said.

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    wow sounds intresting

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    Ehhh I've heard of this before. I think it might have crossed that line a little bit, and god knows if I was one of those teens.... I would have been soooooo weirded out! but in the end enjoyed it.

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    The pastor said this was done in order to "break the ice"? What ever happened to going around in a circle saying your name and favorite movie?

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