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Thread: Best walk in store?

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    Talking Best walk in store?

    Hey everyone, I want to know what walk - in store out of: CVS, Walgreens, Wal Mart, and Brooks <-- (Is that it?) to get good quality diapers, and what would be the best kind to get? It would also be great if I could get plastic pants there. I name these stores, because they are in my town and I could ride my bike there and get them as discreetly as possible.

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    Your choices are more than likely going to be their own brand, Depends, and maybe pull-up Tena's. Out of those, they're pretty much the same. I personally prefer the brand of CVS/Walgreens. They probably won't have plastic pants either. Basically if you want anything better, then you're going to have to turn to the internet.

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    Get the Certainty briefs (make sure it says "cloth-like" on its packaging) from Walgreens. The mediums fit me well, even though I'm a pretty big guy. You're not going to be able to get plastic pants anywhere at these stores. For those, you'd need a full pharmacy. You can internet order good diapers from the Walmart website, and have them shipped to your local store. You pay for those with either a credit card or buy a prepaid Visa card (least activation fee) at Walgreens or something.

    I once doubled the Walgreens Certainty diapers and they held through about 6 large and small wettings. They don't puff up much, and can't be detected under baggy pants at all. I wear them around my family and when I am out and about, no one has ever noticed. Very highly recommended for store brand.

    Depends are...not my preference. They are decent quality for store bought diapers, but they are really scratchy and they don't go above your waist much, so they always feel half off.

    So, I highly suggest Molicare if you can order them online and have chests of gold just laying around ($$$!!!!), otherwise go for the Certainty. Never go for pull-ups, always go for Fitted briefs. If you want plastic backing, then you want Depends, if comfort and absorbency means more, then go for the Certainty.

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    From what you said, BabyGrizzly, I'm leaning towards the Depends, because I am looking for plastic backing.

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    Well I would almost suggest not even buying depends, There a name brand product. An suck and fail not very thick an such. You can easly find a off brand, That cheaper, and equal to depends. I found a store that sells a brand called "Depend" they have a wasit band, leg graud's. An 3 taps. An I think I get either 20 or 22 diaper for only 16 bucks

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    Avoid chain pharmacies. Go to a medical supply store. They're in every city and nearly every town, they carry more brands. One that I have visited in the past Attends, Tena diapers (including Ultras), and First Quality/Prevail. That in addition to pull-ups from those brand as well as Surecare, Depend and a selection of reusable underwear with the inserts to go with them (which are perfect when you want just a little something for the feel in public with zero risk of being caught).

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    so names of these medical supply stores would be named like?? Or is there no chain of these kinds of stores and I just have to hope I know what its named and where it is?

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    Medical supply stores are typically small independent retailers. Take that with a grain of salt, of course, because that's what exists in my area. A phone book search is your best bet. Google is also an option here. Rite-Aid, CVS, and Walgreens - just won't cut it. They only stock generic brands. Believe me, you will definitely have one in your local. Even small towns around here do.

    Don't be shy either, they don't care, or ask questions. Not as long as they're paid.

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    I havn't tryed the new depends. But last time I used them they where the same as Attends, Depend and other off brands like that. The reason I like the Depend brand is they have leg grauds, and wasit band. unlike Attends. But anything you find in walmart is going to be the same for the most part. Flat and thin.

    Just look at this :\

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