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Thread: I hate this place! I'm leaving!

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    Default I hate this place! I'm leaving!

    .... for a week.

    I'm going to be in Germany for a week. The flight leaves later today. And I won't have any Internet connection in Germany, so see you all in a week!

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    Whew, for a second there I thought you were leaving, but anyways have a good time while youre there.

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    I love this place...that's why you're coming to visit - my country at least, not me or my area

    Have a safe and fun trip! Don't return fat and drunk from all the sausages and beer


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    Oh ho!! Funny funny man! Why are going over to germany?

    Ooh joke time!
    Why did hitler commit suicide? He got the gas bill!

    Ya thats not funny my grandpa died at a concentration camp

    ... he got drunk and fell off the watch tower!

    Sorry Peachy I had to

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    Have fun, little one, on your trip to Germany!! When you get back, let me know what you did & how much fun you had, ok!! **hugs**

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    I saw right though your fake for good leaving thing. Have fun on your trip.

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    Lucky! Germany is freaking amazing.
    Where abouts are you going?

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