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    I've just got a pack of 20 Kendell-Lille nappies and I intend to use one for the first time tonight. As I cannot wet whilst asleep, I shall be wetting before I got to bed and after. Any suggestions for how to sleep with a pretty full nappy on and how to enhance the experience? Thanks

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    You might want to consider a pair of plastic pants too. This will help prevent a possible leak of your very wet diaper. Good luck and happy wetting!

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    If you can try not to sleep on your side too much so that it doesn't squish it all together and cause a leak.... well that is unless you have those plastic pants.

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    After you wet it, give the diaper a couple of minutes for the SAP to absorb the wetness before you lay on your side. If you give your diaper a heavy wetting and don't give it time to turn the liquid to gell you can get leaks if you sleep on your side.

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    There isn't really any method to sleep with them...Just sleep like your normally would. Now, I would give it a few minutes to completely absorb anything before you go laying down, and don't go in some flooded mess.

    What do you mean by enhancing it? It's not really like a drug. Just do whatever you feel you want to do. It's not like people are watching.

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    I would suggest peeing an hour or two before you go to bed, and then wetting the small amount that is in your bladder before you fall asleep. The smaller amount will give you the sensation you want without having a problem with leaks.

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    I did it.

    I emptied my full bladder just before bed and when i got up, i did it again. My nappy is really full now but surprisingly no leaks.

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