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    please don't post on here unless you know a little bit about Freemasonry, would like to learn about it, or just want to talk about that cool ring your granddad wore.

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    Well i know enough about it to have a nice talk. What would you like ot talk aobut. An my grand dad didn't wear a ring.

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    The only Freemasons I know are part of a certain ethnic group at work, and are really cliquish.(personally, I think that is more of a cultural thing than a Freemason thing, though) Now, some of them kinda keep it on the down low, while others talk about it constantly. I always thought freemasonry was kind of a secret society, and yet there are folks at work with 2B1ASK1 stickers on theirs cars and what not... So confusing.

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    my dad has a cool ring... and has been a master of one of the lodges! ha!

    'nuff said

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    ya i know it can get confusing. The coolest thing to watch that i've seen is a masonic funeral

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    I've heard some dodgy things about freemasons. I dunno whether it was just a particular bunch in my neck of the woods or whether it is the "society" on a whole, but I plan on steering clear.

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    I've been doing some research and have considered becoming a member.

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    u need to know somone in the craft who would propose u and another to second you, no criminal convictions.

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    Well belive it or not, Becoming a member is allot easier than you think. They are a large socity.

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    I've had family members and friends who are Masons. I've found them to be a nice group of people. My father in law always said that if you were on a trip and broke down, other fellow Masons would help you out. It's sort of a fraternity. Originally it started out more as a guild, where one learned the art of building. Some of the great buildings before and after the American Revolution were built by the Freemasons. You should research them.

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