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    Default XPMedical Store?

    Hi all, I will be in the LA area for a few weeks in August and was curious if any of you knew if XPMedical had a store front at their warehouse, ie. if i were to be able to go there and purchase some goods in person or if it has to be done online?


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    Contact Gary, the owner. I don't think they have a warehouse. Pretty sure all their products ship from the wholesaler.

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    XP medical has a warehouse of their own. Not sure about a store front though.

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    Just give them a call.

    I talked to the owners of Bambino, and although they have no store front they said we could pick it up there.... I never did... but its better than shipping...

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    I don't think they have a storefront... they may allow you to do a direct pickup at their warehouse... best to call and ask. Gary is a really nice guy.

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    What yu think might be a store. Could most likly be the office where all the desk jobs are at

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    The Bambino/Secure warehouse is a good 8 hour drive from LA... I would rule that out unless you want to spend a day or 2 in the Bay Area.

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