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Thread: Busted..... your business?

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    Default Busted..... your business?

    In my city, at a few convenience stores, they sell a little newspaper for $1 called "Bu$ted". The entire thing is just full of mugshots of people who have recently got busted in Portland (well, Multnomah county), for everything from assault to heroin possession to murder. It lists everything that is in the public domain for people to know - their mugshot, their name and their charges. Sometimes when I buy some smokes, I'll buy a copy of it for shits and giggles, and look for somebody I know..

    Recently I bought a copy and it ended up in the bathroom. My mom found it and got extremely angry reading it. She thought it was nobody's business and that the only reason it existed was for voyeuristic nosebodies and that it could possibly ruin their lives. She said even though it's in the public domain, it doesn't need to be made into a magazine, if you need that info that bad go to the police station and request it.

    So what do you think? Do you think it's worth their dignity for a few chuckles? Or should stuff like that never be published? I'm just curious on other people's take on stuff like that.

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    If you do the crime, Well you should do the time. An it is public domian. Plus if your drug dealer gets busted you can use this magazine to find another?? :\

    On a more real note. I would enjoy reading it. An the people in it ruinned there own dignity in the first place.

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    In nearly all USA jurisdictions once a person makes the first court appearance or arraignment, all the information on the case becomes a public record. Often newspapers, radio, TV and websites report arrests before the local prosecutor even decides to take the case to court or there is an arraignment.

    Some feel it is tough luck for those arrested but not yet convicted. In the event they are eventually found Not Guilty they have the option of filing suit based on false arrest. Hardly ever are such suits successful.

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    Now I wouldn't consider myself to be the 'criminal' sort of type, and I wouldn't under any circumstances defend a druggie, but let me say something.

    First off, if you do know my story of my arrest, then you're more informed and apt to understand this than most.

    And you know what? I could have just as easily ended up in one of these magazines holding a number next to a rapist, or murderer, or drug dealer. I don't think that would have been so cool, or deserved. That is my argument.

    You can accept it or leave it, but either way, that's the way I look at it. I do like to see drug dealers get the worst treatment possible, but still. No.

    Then again, it's America. If you like that kinda shit, and if it sells, I guess it's gonna be, and we gotta accept it. So it's there, and it won't go away, because some people don't like it. Enjoy.
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    While I certainly agree that criminal proceedings should be public (if you broke society's rules, society has a right to know about it), but I strongly disagree with using people's data for other people's voyeuristic pleasure. If you have any business knowing about people's previous convictions, like banks wanting to know if their potential tellers have been found guilty of robbery or any such crimes, then I'm all for it. But publishing people's names because they stole a candy bar in a store so everyone can point and laugh at them? No!

    While they may be convicted criminals, they still have human rights! They have the right not to be laughed at like you and me, and I believe we should respect that. The criminals have already paid their debt to society with their fine or jail time, so there's no need to make things harder for them. The justice system's job is to punish criminals, to deter any potential criminals from going through with their plans, but also to rehabilitate the criminals if there's a chance that they can be converted back to the proper path. Having your name and mug shot in some paper like that, definitely screws with the idea of rehab.
    In other words: It's not fair, and I wouldn't support it. Besides, it'd be illegal here. Criminals' faces must not be shown in public - no cameras in courtrooms etc.


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    Two additional thoughts:

    Adaffme, according to your profile you are 17 currently. Therefore in most USA jurisdictions you are still a minor. Almost always the names of juveniles who are arrested are not published unless and until a judge rules the young criminal defendant will be charged and tried as an adult. Even then many responsible news organizations do not show these names.

    Peachy, the laws and traditions of the USA differ in significant ways from most jurisdictions in Europe and even the UK. The UK has important restrictions on the news coverage of criminal cases until a verdict is reached. In the USA in some circumstances a judge can issue a "gag" order prohibiting parties to a case from commenting.

    My law firm only practices corporate civil law. Currently I am the lead litigation attorney on a fairly high-profile corporate dispute. For me it is rare to actually have even one news reporter in the courtroom. Also this is the first case I have litigated this year when most days we had a few spectators in the room who were not law students or relatives of the witness at the time. USA law provides for public trials, so it becomes a very special circumstance should the court be closed to the public. Here in California that usually is because of a "Marsden" hearing, in which one party (usually a criminal defendant) has a dispute with a defense attorney. Even the prosecution is excluded during Marsden.

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    One good thing about the paper is it seems that it doesn't publish "petty" crimes. For instance, I don't see anybody in it that has a crime like "Marijuana Possession" under them. They are mostly crimes like sex abuse, rape, strangulation, murder, burglary, serious drug offenses (delivering heroin and manufactoring meth are common). So they are at least picky about what they chose to print.

    Does that make a difference in your opinion of that information being published?

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    Yah! It also raises money for the police station and whatnot. And its just plain fun to look at!

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    I've seen that mag... pretty funny. I don't think it's worth my money though.

    Honestly all the information is public domain... you can go to your local police office's website and search their entire database. This just makes it available to people who have better things to do. It's just like any other supermarket tabloid... exploiting people for a buck. You don't want your face pasted all over... don't do the crime.

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