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Thread: I am getting slightly worried (this normal?)

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    Default I am getting slightly worried (this normal?)

    Heya, i am 16 years old now...and i am getting a bit worried.

    I still haven't completually gone through the way of down there growing lol.

    Is this normal? any tips for me?


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    Are you Irish? I am 99% Irish and it seems I've got the same curse =X

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    Are you Irish? I am 99% Irish and it seems I've got the same curse =X
    Irish FTW!!!

    But no, I don't think it grows much. I haven't noticed mine grow a lot. Only when I get erections.

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    Well you'll still be going through puberty for a while yet, you might be a late bloomer.
    It took ages for my voice to break and I was pretty worried at one point, but everything that's meant to happen will do eventually...

    Non-erect penis doesn't really matter, because if it's small it'll grow a lot when erect, and if it's big it won't grow much when erect.

    I wouldn't worry about it, I think it's something that a lot boys worry about.

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    Sorry to say - it applies to the minority of people, but it happens. One of my friends asked a few of us (close friends) the same thing a few years ago - he was in his late teens before any such luck hehe.
    I'm no doctor, but I can't imagine it's anything to worry about. Some go through it really early, some really late, it differs from body to body.

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    ok, thanks guys

    I am only worried, as my voice has already broken :p

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    give it time... eat a good diet... and exercise... everything should fill in...

    I say should... cause I've seen some small ones out there...

    have you thought about shaving? makes it look bigger...

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    I've felt I have a 'small one' ever since I was twelve or so... I always got lauged at during showering time when I played football

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    doesn't the human penis grow to up to 4x it's size when non erect?

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