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    So today in the chat I mentioned that I had gotten diaper rash, nobody was really there so no good ideas were passed around except for airing out. I didn't wanna walk around naked for a few hours, so I googled it (sounds dirty, doesn't it?) and found that bag balm works well. Nobody in the chat knew what bag balm was except for me, I felt so smart explaining it to everybody. Anyway it's a salve that farmers use on cows udders when they get chafed. It also works great for human skin problems (like diaper rash). My grandma makes this stuff and gives it to people she knows. After reading this on the net, I realized that we had some in our medicine cabinet. I put it on the affected area, and it worked. It cleared up the rash in no time. Just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone else has a grandmother who makes bag balm by the pint.

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    If the diaper rash is severe, there is a product called "Butt Paste" that works quite well. The product is expensive, but can be made by combining other inexpensive things, which are Desitin, Maalox, Vaseline, and corn starch.

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