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Thread: Something damn impressive...

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    Default Something damn impressive...

    Today, the Budweiser Clydesdales moved through my hometown before I went into work and I also got some pictures of them as they paraded through my home town.

    I had a chance to see them and let me say this... They are damn impressive animals and I am surely amazed by how big and beautiful they are.

    Two years ago they came to my hometown but I was not awake or alert enough to be able to be downtown for them so I made it a point to be there today. Still am amazed by the sheer size of the animals.

    Here's one of the pics I took of them outside a local bar.


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    Ah my friend alex has 2 horse, An I got to see them one day. An I agree with you its really is mind blowing how beautiful they are. An her's where very friendly

    You get any beer haha?? :0

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    Hmmm, that looks like Uptown Westerville, but with bars...

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    I see those every year during Mardi Gras. And about 2 feet away from me, too. There are people on the back that throw stuff, too.

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    I actually rode a horse once. I've also seen some Clydesdales and they are very impressive beasts. I've also ridden an elephant, it was kickass.

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    We get to see them every year (Or more, if we really wanted to). There's a member of the family that owns them (The Busch family) who goes to my school, and August A. Busch (the man who owns the brewery) also went to my school. There's a small wildlife preserve owned by them that has a party for alumni every year. On the preserve are the stable where the horses are kept.

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    Glad you enjoyed seeing them, WildThing!! I lived in St. Louis for close to 10 years & got to see them quite abit!! With the A-B brewery there & all!! They are majestic animals indeed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrixroks354 View Post
    I actually rode a horse once. I've also seen some Clydesdales and they are very impressive beasts. I've also ridden an elephant, it was kickass.
    frick, man, i rode a camel once,

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    My local brewery (Beck's) had one of those horse-drawn wagons that used to deliver beer to the restaurants and bars downtown every single day. It was more of a tourist attraction than any economic means of delivering their products, so it was discontinued when the brewery passed from the hands of the original owners to a Belgian brewery conglomerate, who obviously didn't give a rat's flip side about local traditions.


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    I remember seeing them at Bush Garden, and yes they are fantastic to see. It's sad, Peachy when traditions like that die. I guess it's even sadder when large companies don't respect who we are and what's meaningful to us, or even part of our heritage.

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