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    Default Warp Tour

    Ok I know this isnt baby related but it is teen related. Did anyone else go/is going around america? I just got back from pittsburghs and it was AWESOME!!! I ended up having my first real guy crush. I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM

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    I'm going to warped tour in Uniondale, NY, July 18th
    It will be the shiz!
    I wish Bring Me The Horizon was going this year... But it's okay because Alesana and The Devil Wears Prada are playing! =]

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    My brother would have been there, but he couldn't go. (don't want to go into specifics on an indexed board like this though).

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    I've been to 2, and the band line up this year isnt as i think i will be going to another furry con instead

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    genbaby and ForrestD

    I'm going to be there as well! At Merriweather Post Pavilion, correct?

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    Oh.... =[
    I wish there were people from this forum as cool as you guys, who are going to the Uniondale show... =[
    Have fun! Take pictures for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Nikki View Post
    Ok I know this isnt baby related but it is teen related
    We've got an off topic board for that.

    Thread moved

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    I shot the Pomona date. I only went because it was free and I had nothing to do that day. 95% of the bands sucks. Warped hasn't been good in like 8 years.

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