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Thread: XM Satellite radio

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    Default XM Satellite radio

    I have XM Satellite Radio in my truck which I enjoy very much. Mine is a after market radio and was very well installed by Circuit City(which is now out of business). I had my truck in to have the windshield replaced and in doing so the antenna cable was pinched and made my XM receiver not work. But the place where I had the windshield replaced made good and I took my truck to Best Buy and they reimbursed me the $83.00 dollars to have the antenna replaced. The jist of this post is to warn others who may find themselves in a similar situation and tell who ever is working on your vehicle you have Satellite Radio installed.

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    My dad just bought a 2009 sliverado and it comes with XM as well, but it's bulit in. However I don't know of any really good stations on it, however if he keeps it I am going to ask him to get the best of sirus as well. I want those NFL games especially my Rams and 40whiners.

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    I got XM the weekend after it came to market... Paid over $400 for a hardwired Pioneer unit. It was great for the first few months, but all the music stations seemed to play the same stuff over and over. I ended up only listening to the talk and comedy stations.

    It's been shut off for years now, but I still have the big box in my trunk, and the huge (compared to the tiny ones nowadays... the original was a big as my fist) antenna still stuck on my roof. Nowadays it's easier (and free) to stream music off the internet and send it to the radio via bluetooth.

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    The one on my dad's new truck looks like a tiny black sharkfin. :P

    It' also picks up HD radio too, I think. I still haven't found anything good other then Classic Vinyl and Alt Nation. All the other rock stations don't play anything too good.

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    My father's 2004 Z71 Silverado has XM built into his BOSE sound system receiver. Needless to say, FM or AM isn't ever used :P.

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    I have the XM built into my 2008 GMC Sierra and I rarely use the regular radio. There are some stations that play the same songs over and over, but there are so many stations to choose from that I never get bored of it. I like that I can drive wherever I want to and never have to change the channnel if I dont want to.

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    I have had 4 cars so far with sattilite radio 3 GM's and one Mazda, I think it sucks they keep bugging me to renew the subscription I would rather listen to FM radio at least it dosn't skip as much as XM.

    You won't get me to pay for radio it's bad enough I have to pay to see TV.

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    I know what you mean about the skipping. My son has Serius and when we went up for a Baltimore Oriels game, he had to constantly change his radio tuner to keep what we were listening. It seems archaic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    It seems archaic.
    That isn't a fault of Sirius... Only a fault of using an FM modulator. He'd be much happier with a line-in adapter, and they're quite cheap for most cars.

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    I mostly listen to the 60s on 6 or 70s on 7. I also like listening to the Cubs games too on the way home from work. I use XM most in my home on my computer. Like now on Saturday evening I am listening to the Cousin Brucie show on 60s on 6. They will also continue to play the old Kasey Kasem American top 40 radio shows too. They are on channel 7 at 12 noon on Sat and replayed at 9 am on Sun(all times are Eastern time). The 80s channel plays it at 8 pm on Sunday evening. These shows are done with no commercials too

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