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Thread: What would you suggest??

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    Default What would you suggest??

    For a daytime diaper. I wanna start wearing 24/7 ish. Not at work but when I go hang out with friends, shoping, or jsut what ever randomness. But I'm not sure what brand to go with. I want something that not going to make much noise.

    I already know from other threads that wearing limit your movement, and what cloths I can wear to reduce the BULK look. An all that jazz. Thats why I don't plain on wearing 24/7 full time. But it would be nice when I go shopping to be able to throw on a diaper and head out.

    If it could be slim and make no noise. But I still want it to feel like a diaper. I've tryed the pull up style I didn't really like them. Something aobut taping up and all that just seems to add that touch thats needed.

    Idk maybe I ask to much.
    An I can order online, I just dont know where to go, or what to get/look for.

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    Try the Abri-form Super or Abri-form Extra. Both are quite thin and discreet under clothing. The Extra is the more absorbant of the two... it is a little thicker than the Super, but not by much.

    I am using the Extra as my daytime diaper of choice right now. Bambinos are still top on my list... but it's just too damn hot outside to wear them in the day right now.

    Edit: I get my Abri-forms from XP Medical. Their service is top notch. You should order some sample packs and find out what works for you. Everyone is different... and what you prefer in a "daytime" diaper may be different from what I am looking for.

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    I have been wearing the abri-form supers but just ordered a case of the Extra's. I cant wait to try them since they hold more then the supers

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    I was looking at XPMed, I think I'm get a case of Abri-Form AirPlus Super, maybe X-Plus, Not sure how thick I want my daytime diaper. I'll most likly get the super for day time, An might as well order a case of Abri-Form X-plus for night time.

    Well for sure on the Super's for daytime thought. TY now I cant wait till pay day so I can order them up good things its on the 20th lol

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    Well the x-plus are nice but I dont like the small amount you get in a case, which is why this time I went with the Extra's. The supers are fine for day wetting, I can wet a couple times and not leak

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    Don't get the airplus... they suck.

    Stick with the regular Abri-form diapers. The plastic cover is so much better.

    I like Bambinos better than Abri X-plus.

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    I was thinking the cloth wouldn't make any noise. Even if they only hold 1 wetting thats fine. I'm not looking to fill them up, But then again the cloth might feel more like the pull up stlye :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddedsoutherner View Post
    More info would be nice??
    I've seen you do a few 1 word post. I dont care but other members might\

    An now I just doubled posted

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