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Thread: xpmedical speed

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    Default xpmedical speed

    I live in southern michigan and am wondering...If I order today(wednesday) when do you all estimate they will arrive? It is just a bag of abena extras, so I just need to know when they may arrive.

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    You might want to ask Garry, if he ships them from CA or his east coast partner(?). That would make a huge difference in shipping time. So that being said, one can't tell you how long it might take. On the other hand, you can go to Fedex Home and look up transit times from ZIP to ZIP. He is in Ventura, CA, if he ships from CA....
    They do usually ship the same day if the order is in by 1pm PST or so.

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    If I'm not mistaken, XP Medical has a warehouse in the great lakes area. You might get it within a day or two if they ship from there.

    I hope you like the Extras. I think they're a great diaper for daytime use. Plenty of capacity without being super bulky like the X-plus. I've got one on now.

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    I live in Illinois and I usually get my shipments within 2-3 days

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    I live in MN and get mine in usualy 2-3 days, even though Fedex says 5-days to deliver

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    hmm I always hear such great thing about XPmed. I think I'll have to order from them before i move.

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    I got mine in 2 days. The return address was located in Michigan.

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    It depends on the shipping selection you use. I think 2-day would be the most precise (and obvious) delivery system, but expensive.

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    Hmm based on the shipping times I may order through xp medical if I find myself with the house alone.

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