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Thread: Logistical question for the girls

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    Question Logistical question for the girls

    I have always wondered...
    When you are in a diaper and laying on your side can you wet or does it just leak out the leg holes?

    I have been trying to figure this out for a while but since I don't have the correct parts.. I'm lost

    Now that I think about it, Is there any position that people just can't wet in? either because of leaks or just physically can't?

    I know it's impossible for me to go when I an on my tummy and really hard but not impossible when I'm on my back; but standing up... look out and head for the high ground.

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    Well I'm not a girl so I cant help with the first one. But I'm able to go while laying on my tummy, I jsut have to have my butt in the air a litte bit. An thats not hard for me cause I sleep with 3-4 blankets and will get wraped up in a mess by morning. I can go on my back very easly. I havn't tryed my side to afraid of leaks :\

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    Depending on the diaper I can go on my side. Some leak, some don't. Depends on the quality.

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    I always keep my penis tucked so it is pointing down into the diaper. I can wet in any position with no problems... provided I don't just totally flood.

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    Side sleeping is not a problem for me. At home normally I wear pinned gauze diapers inside pull-on vinyl panties. Those panties have welded side-seams.

    There are only two reasons why I would wear a disposable to bed: 1, I am away at a place where I cannot discreetly wash gauze diapers; 2, I am sick enough I cannot be sure I have bowel control.

    Sometimes I have leaked a bit when sleeping in a hotel because I forgot to avoid turning on my side. That is why I always bring along a good waterproof sheet!

    I am profoundly urinary incontinent. Since I wet in a series of tiny dribbles, weeping, my sleeping position does not matter. The good news is nearly all diapers are most effective with my kind of incontinence.

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    If I flood a diaper while laying on my side it can leak but for night wetting I apparently wet slowly enough that it is not a problem because I lay on my side a lot and almost never wake up with any leaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonDL View Post
    Now that I think about it, Is there any position that people just can't wet in? either because of leaks or just physically can't?
    As far as I know, nowhere can you physically not go. However, most diapers don't have much in the way of leak protection at the top, so don't wet when your on an angle o.o;;

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    /me does a hand stand
    /me has to pee
    /me has pee in his face

    ugh not good

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    Hey, I'll have to try and report back!!

    But, thinking of physics, the position that utilises the least padding is going to be most prone to causing leaks. So for male or female, I'd imagine laying on your side is least effective. The padding is at its most narrow inbetween the legs. Third, when you lay on your side, often your legs are squished together, thus making less room for pee to pool before absorption. Leak guards won't be too affective on your side.

    But is it different for girls?

    I guess that typically speaking, girls let pee out slightly further down than guys. Having never been male, I don't really know whether the 'penis pointing down' thing makes it pretty much the same position as for a girl, or whether it's still higher up. I'm guessing it's still higher up. Having said that though, the female urethral opening is also slightly towards the front, it's the vaginal opening that's further down. I suppose then that because guys hit the wider front part of the padding, they have the advantage for side-laying-peeing.

    But, if the leg cuffs are tight enough, I think the nappy can contain a female side-laying pee, so long as it's not a flood and it isn't a bladder-full gradually but in the same constant position. I've done some side-laying-peeing before without leaks but turned to use the front and back too.

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    Elli, that was quite a detailed explanation. I really hope you got your answer.

    Personally, I try to avoid wetting while on my side. On my back is fine. Stomach is a bit questionable (difficulty and leakage).

    Other than that. Good luck to all on finding your answers. O.o

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