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    Default Windows 7

    Have you tried Windows 7 yet? If so what do you think about it so far.

    Im not sure yet.

    I think it loads a lot faster. There are things that are diffrent about it but it acts a lot like Windows Vista

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    I can't say I'm a big fan of 7. Still lots of driver issues, still takes up too much in the way of system resources. Oh, and they still haven't fixed their fucked up jacksense hijack - it still sometimes detects that you've unplugged headphones when you haven't and turns off all sound.

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    I think all that has to do with the fact that Windows 7 is out for Evaluation only. I think its cool that they do this. I'm not sure that they did this for Windows Vista. I think the main problem with Vista was they released it before they where ready to.

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    They did it with Vista, and all their feedback was telling them that it wasn't ready but they pushed ahead anyway. 7 looks better than Vista and is getting some praise, but that's only compared to the clusterfuck that was the Vista launch which is still fresh in everyone's memory.

    Frankly, there's no features that Windows 7 has that makes me want to buy it. I mean, if it had WinFS or any of the other 1,000 features they cut from Vista to ship, then maybe. But all they've done is make 7 less annoying than Vista. Sure, there's plenty of new eye candy, but if I wanted eye candy on my OS badly enough to drop that kind of cash then I'd switch over to Ubuntu full-time and go with Compiz Fusion (WAY more eye candy than 7, and most of the stuff 7 has was ripped off from Compiz).

    I'm running 7 right now on one of my computers mainly because professionally, I need to keep on top of advancements like this. One the evaluation keys expire, I'm not gonna be paying to keep it though. If I'm given one for free through one of the MSDN things I'll take it, but I'm not gonna spend the cash they're asking for.

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    I've been running pretty much every build of Windows 7 since the first public beta, 7000. I've ran into no major problems with any of my hardware. It even ran fine on a 1gb ram, 2ghz laptop.

    My x64, main rig runs perfect on it. E8400 @ 3.8ghz, 8gb DDR2 1066 ram, gtx260 graphics card, windows 7 build 7100 x64. Perfect.

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    Q8400 w/ 8gb RAM & gtx280, Win7 build 7100. Biggest problem was with my SATA controller - 7 wouldn't recognize it and the drivers for Vista complained that they were for the wrong version of Windows. Had to use an old IDE drive to get the OS running. Also had problems with my sound drivers - Windows keeps trying to hijack the jacksense for the front audio ports. EVGA mobo, pretty recent, too. Was running XP64 previously, but no issues with that.

    I have to say, the install for Vista & 7 ARE a *lot* better than XP. Being able to easily install off a USB drive *and* get SCSI/SATA/RAID drivers off any recognized device such as a USB flash drive is very nice, especially when you're like me and don't even bother putting optical drives in your computers anymore. But it is possible to install XP from USB, and I've been in the habit of slipstreaming driverpacks and servicepacks on to my XP install media for years, so it's not that big a change for me. I really only get to skip the step of slipstreaming the mass storage media driverpack. Graphics, LAN, chipset, sound, etc all still get slipstreamed as do service packs.

    The #1 feature I really like in Vista & 7 is the ability to install without a CD key for a 30 day demo. But it's a feature I use so infrequently that it doesn't make a difference.

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    So far everything is runnig great. No driver issues, nothing. I noticed the installer was the same as vistas, but to me it seemed to install faster. Also seems to boot faster

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    I have limited experience with Vista and from what I can tell you it doth suck donkey balls big time. I am waiting until I hear more about Windows 7 before I have it put on my laptop because I am paranoid about losing things again.

    I've heard mixed bags about Windows 7. I've used every version of Windows that has come out since Windows 3, and I will say this... Vista SUCKED worse than any other version I have ever used in the past.


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    Vista does suck unless you've got the proc and ram power to back it up. I installed Vista Ult. x64 on my main rig and it's perfect. I haven't come across a single issue yet that couldn't be solved with a few simple google searches. I don't like how it uses so much ram, I think it was using like 2gb just for system stuff.

    Though, I slipstreamed it and all my drivers and got the install down to like 1gb from 4gb, so I think it's ok if you got the power to use it.

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    Vista jsut sucks, I understand if you have a gamming rig to back it up its nice, If you jsut wanna surf the web?? But when it comes to gamming and gamming rigs, ITS ALL BOUT THE FPS"frame per second" and with vista sucking up half your system's resoures just makes it a epic fail

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