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    Default State Biology Test

    This seems like the right place to put this.

    Well I just found out that I made a 500 on the State Bio test and was wondering what everyone else made. Also any funny experiences with the test.

    Like when I took it they put took several questions from the practice test and put them on the real test, not even bothering to change the wording or the order of the answers.

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    Perhaps a bit more of a reference would help us?

    Maybe it's because I'm not from the same state, but:

    I don't have any idea what the "500" means. 500/500? 500/1000? Some other system of scoring?

    What State Bio test? Even if it is local to a state, it must have some sort of professional name or some organization that writes it.

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    Well in Mississippi a 500 Is a perfect score. I made a 360 when I took it first semester last year. Congrats on being so smart, lol.

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    Being only in High School, I don't really have any big test experiences to speak of. Though, this year I have to take the ACTs and the SATs T.T

    In our state we've got these comprehensive tests every year, and I do pretty well for the most part. They're graded on a scale of 1-5 and every year I usually get 5 in every category. That's about it, really. My tests aren't entertaining

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    I don't remember the official name, since it was April and I have bad memory.

    Milla, you'll get lucky one year and get a lulzy test; it's bound to happen.

    My test was pretty entertaining especially the random picture of a platypus that took up an entire page. It didn't actually relate to anything, it was just there.

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