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Thread: I saw a episode of Derrick.

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    Default I saw a episode of Derrick.

    And it was very good. For those who don't know, Derrick is a old german crime stories-series that went on TV around 70-90's. And that all I know of it. I have allways heard of it, but never seen it, so I was very happy to be abel to finaly see it.
    So, have anyone of you seen any episodes of Derrick?

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    I remember seeing some episodes with my parents when I was young. I don't remember the contents though.


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    Some years ago I used to watch Derrick on TV every week with my granny, and I think I've seen most of the episodes. It's directed with a very German style, and the scenarios depicted in the instalments come to my mind everytime I happen to visit Germany...

    The story can seem to proceed a bit slowly sometimes, but it's because Derrick is a production created for a senior audience, that's why dialogues are never too fast and the actors seem to repeat many times the things they say.

    I definitely liked it, but I understand that an average audience of nowadays could find it a bit boring.

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    That's why they repeared the dialog. I though they did it because they couldn't do flashbacks or something. :P

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