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Thread: One Million Giraffes

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    Default One Million Giraffes

    People of ADISC, unite, and ... draw giraffes!

    This is a great site and a great idea. Simply, this guy is trying to get pictures of one million giraffes by 2011. The only rule is that these images cannot be drawn on a computer, anything else goes. Drawing, painting, collage - anything. Very simply the creative process can not be done with a computer as is explained here. You can draw as many giraffes as you want, as long as each one is different, and you can draw as many giraffes in one picture as you want (and it will be counted as as many giraffes as your drew). Cool, huh!

    There are at least three giraffes from ADISC members on there already. This one that I drew:

    And these 2 by Jack26...

    So come on - get your pens and paint brushes out and draw giraffes. It doesn't have to be good. It doesn't have to be accurate. It just has to be giraffes! And don't forget to link us to it when your done. We would love to see!

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    Are we going to post them all on adisc as well? :P

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    That ... that's a terrible use of collective time.

    A much better use--with less "investment," even--of time would be to encourage people to help others who are broken down at the side of the road. Call it in, help change a tire, help with tools/light, whatever.

    I'll have to go and murder this asshat in his face, excuse me.

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    I feel bad for Jørgen, who is presumably annoyed by his friend's ignorance of what drunken bets are strictly theoretical.

    "Mate, I'm collecting those giraffes now."

    "What? Giraffes?! What are you saying to me?"

    "You know, how you said I couldn't collect a million giraffe by 2011"

    "What? When did this happen?"

    "You know, last night, in the pub."


    "You know, you were saying that I couldn't collect a million giraffes. You were adamant about it. So I made this site about it, where people send in their giraffes. Trying to get a million."

    "Yeah, I'm not remembering this."

    "Don't you remember? You had just drank those shots. You know, and we saw that guy dressed as a giraffe."

    "I vaguely recall..."

    "Oh, but I made this site about it. You send in your pictures, of giraffes. Trying to get a million."

    "Oh, okay. When did you do this?"

    "Last night, just, you know, wanted to get started on it as soon as possible really. Clock's ticking and all that."


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    Hmm... interesting.

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