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Thread: Craigslist both good and bad. LONG RANT.

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    Default Craigslist both good and bad. LONG RANT.

    I'm really big into welding and machining, and often times I browse which does a selectable mile(s) wide search of all the craigslist postings based on keyword. Typically speaking with industrial type stuff used can drop thousands of dollars off the sticker price. Industry will buy new so they know where it came from and the condition of the machines. Job shops and school will buy used however that is a very small market.

    This leaves me, the hobbiest. What did I just get? a Miller Syncrowave 250 Stick/TIG machine for $850. Serial # says its about a November '92 model. Yes there have been some advancements over the years but its nothing skill can't make up for. The problem after driving 100 miles to get the thing in Norfolk the guy I get it from has this ~2000lbs Wells-Index milling machine that is practically unused. This is old american iron from the 60's that you just can't get anymore without $15k for a new equivalent. Price for us $1k.

    How my dad and I are going to get this sucker here is a bit of a problem. Making my mom happy is another problem. Filling the void of these buys is the main concern after living off savings for 3 years because of my dad's layoff and now startup business. Plus in the early spring I got a Miller stick welder which honestly I want to keep but that was $300 plus $200 when my dad threw his back out next to me trying to shove the machine to the tailgate (this time unloading the new one was different).

    The other issue with craigslist, I CAN'T SEEM TO HOCK ANY OF MY EXPENSIVE CRAP TO SAVE MY ASS!!!! I prolly have $15k worth of surplus shit I don't need but can't ship because its delicate and I can't get rid of any of it AHHHH!!! and all this new equipment coming in is gonna take tons of cash to get running and tooled up. Damn my toys, my inability to find a job around here, and my inability to pull a Billy Mays.

    Billy Mays -> YELL LOUD SELL SHIT! ...RIP

    Edit: OMG I POSTED A THREAD ..for once..
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    Post it on craigslist in your area, have them come pick it up. Maybe sell it for a little less than it's worth, someone will buy it.

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