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Thread: Back from the dread...

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    Default Back from the dread...

    Hi all,

    I used to be an avid user of here from the old days of it being TBDL (Katoichi) and since the days of it becoming ADISC, I tried my best to constantly keep myself within the community but I feel my time has passed.

    I don't know why, I could'nt bear myself being what I was so I thought I'll leave it all behind, you know all the Teen baby and diaper stuff, I was beginning to see it as something wrong and I stop what I did, and made a change.

    Time had passed as it does things were going fine, I had my steady job at a Call Centre and I was at College, but I felt the stressed growing upon me at College to complete the course and with Work colleagues despising me I fell depressed and I just wanted to get it all over with...

    With my thoughts running and I tried to remember the good ol'days where I wasn't so down and I remembered my time when I was into TBDL stuff and it made me feel more calmer and even made me smile, so I looked back into it and decided to get myself some adult diapers, just to see if I would feel the same sensation I did the first time I tried them and you know what, I did.

    So here I am again back from what I call from the dread. Thank you for reading and soon I hope to continue contributing here on ADISC and become another welcoming returned user.

    Thank you all,


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    Hey dude, great to have you back! Welcome to TBDL, New And Improved Edition.

    Hope you post around. Hell I'm surprised nobody's replied yet. Quiet evening I guess. Join us in IRC sometime!


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    Welcome, I don't know you (I'm still pretty new) but welcome back.

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    Welcome Kalloon! I hope you enjoy the community and hope to see you around

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    Damn former TBDL members making me feel all young and noobish. *shakes fist* At least you like the companion cube so you do have some redeeming features. I hope you like what we have done with the place. We have tried to inflict too much damage upon it whilst you were away. Look forward to seeing you around - old TBDL members often seem to be really fun.

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    Thanks for the welcoming all, I hope to see you all around soon.

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    I have tried to lick my own ear, I Fail everytime. But my friend alex will do it from time to time :\

    Anyways had to add that before I forget lol, Really nice to meet you. If you can't tell I'm a new member here, If you mange to read my post throught the bad grammer and spelling errors I'm a alright guy. Oh wait this is about you :\ srry long night and litte sleep the other night anyways. Hello for MN, Usa

    An nice to meet you an all.

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