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    Hi all,

    I'm going to be in Tokyo for a few days with nothing much to do and I am going to most definitely be diapered 24/7 while there. Does anyone have any recommendations on fun activities to partake in while diapered? I'll obviously hit up the touristy sights (although I've been to most of them before), but was curious if there were any fun diapered activities (a fetish club, diaper store, etc)?


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    It's not particularly diaper-esque, but there is a whips and chains kinda place in Roppongi. It's called Fetish Bar Mistress. It's just up the hill from Roppongi Station on Roppongi-dori.
    Plus, I think it'd be way too damn hot to go to Kamakura or someplace like that, even not diapered. July is not Tokyo's best time of the year. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, The best thing to do is to open a window and stick your head in a building.

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    There's a diaper fashion show on July 24th in Mxdeadxdo Civic Theatre. It's organised by Mutsukian, who do all sorts of diaper stuff including training for professional 'Omutsufitter' diaper consultants, incontinence research etc. Their website (in Japanese) lists many activities and events - all looks rather friendly and upbeat. It's a pity their HQ is in Kyoto because it seems they have a major diaper outlet there.

    I've never worn a nappy out and about in Tokyo, because I'm a heat-hating Brit and the humidity gets me and I can't handle the extra insulation. I've enjoyed testing the local product in the climate-controlled hotel though!

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    I just got back from Tokyo a couple weeks ago. It's very humid and about 85 degrees out.. not very nice diaper wearing weather. Though while you're there, might i recommend visiting Akiabara... it's a very large electronics district and it's SO COOL! Other than that, just walk around and see all the cool Japanese stuff..

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