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Thread: Gonna try 24/7 for a few weeks :V

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    Default Gonna try 24/7 for a few weeks :V

    Hey guys!

    Well my gf left to a summer camp for 6 weeks ( :( ), so I'm planning on going 24/7 for a bit :D only for wetting though, messing is too much of a hassle :| last time I threw em to the garbage I found a dog trying to eat it... <<

    Where I live its usually impossible to find something better than Tena Slip / Depends... but fortunately I found someone who sold me 3 packs of Attends :D 60 diapers total. Hopefully they will last almost till the end of those weeks >_< if not its back to Tena...

    Anyways I just wanted to tell someone X3 really exited about it :)
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    If you've got thin diapers figure on using 4-5 per day. If you've got thick diapers you'll probably use 2-3 per day.

    24/7 goes through a lot of diapers... and can get expensive fast.

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    I'm wearing thick during the night and I alternate between the two during the day :P since I'll be using about 3-5 per day, I'm expecting to have to buy more a few times :>

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    Even high quality diapers are gonna do a case a month. So like $60 (best price scenario) PLUS changing supplies. I may not wear as much as Darkfinn anymore but I did pay attention to the numbers.

    I went through a case of Molicare Super Pluses a month. Case and a half of wipes roughly (5 pack case). Jar and 1/4 of A+D (ish), and a bottle of powder a month. Plus a small pack of razors a month.

    Did that maybe 2 months and went cloth for another 4 months. Now that I only wear occasionally things are even cheaper.

    Also 3-4 week mark is the MOST pain in the ass since the routine really starts to beat on you. That is if you're dedicated enough to make it that far. I stopped because of a lot of complicated reasons, mainly involving a childhood friend and my own personal BS.

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    Using cheap baby diapers as stuffer will make your supply go a lot longer at low cost.

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    I've always wanted to try 24/7, but never really gotten the chance to do so. The above posts really give you the advice that you'll need. However, if you do have the potential to get caught, try your best not to. It sounds like you've got a situation where there's little to no chance of that happening, so that aside, good luck to ya (Make sure you change frequently!).

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    I hope you have a great time! I had mixed results when first trying 24/7. On my own, I found that the minor disadvantages of being diapered became more frustrating over time, e.g. the decreased freedom of movement, the reduced choice of clothing that I could rely upon to conceal the diaper, the skin irritation etc. I kept getting annoyed with myself for using up yet another good, new, expensive diaper to do a wee when I was within 10 feet of the bathroom. These feelings started to erode the innate pleasure of the wearing and using, once the novelty had worn off after a few days. It would have been better had I organised the time in a more diaper-compatible manner.

    On the other hand, I managed a week without any negative experiences when sharing the process with the GF, because it was a continuous source of interaction and closeness. Other than the perpetual worry that she was hating every second of it and just playing along, it was pure bliss.

    You might like to try preparing especially carefully for (or avoiding) activities that will make the diaper-wearing a hindrance, so that the pleasure continues to outweigh the temptation to slip into ordinary underwear for a while.


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    Expect VERY heavy trash bags...I just did 5 days of 24/7 and had 2 heavy bags :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymick21 View Post
    Expect VERY heavy trash bags...I just did 5 days of 24/7 and had 2 heavy bags :p
    Haha... yeah, that is right.

    With me wearing 24/7 and LuvsGurl wearing nights & weekends the dirty diapers really stack up at our place... lotsa heavy bags.

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    Those bags get pretty heavy... o-o

    Right now I've only got Attends Underwear... ran out of the night diapers, so I'll have to go restock. The attends are pretty good though, so I don't mind :D . Unfortunately the night diapers are kinda crappy >> I'll have to choose between Depends Overnight and Tena :| I wish I could order online!

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