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Thread: Why too many of our celebrities are dying?

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    Default Why too many of our celebrities are dying?

    Although shown in our extensive thread about Michael Jackson, we have lost another famed celebrity (in the sports world) in former Ravens and Titans QB Steve McNair. Over the past 10 days, 4 famed celebrities have left us.

    6/23/09- Ed McMahon dies at age 86.
    6/25/09- Michael Jackson dies at age 50 initially from suffering cardiac arrest.
    6/25/09- Farrah Fawcett dies at age 62 after a long battle of anal cancer that had spread throughout her body.
    6/28/09- Billy Mays dies at age 50 due to initial autopsy reports of heart failure.
    7/4/09- Steve McNair dies at age 36 due to a fatal gunshot wound after he and another female (up to now unknown) were shot to death in Nashville.
    7/6/09- Robert McNamara dies at age 93.

    For me, I have just been shocked that too many celebrities are just suddenly dropping dead like this. Have you?

    This isn't really a repetition of the Michael Jackson topic but just an extension of that topic.
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    Matrix Blade


    I don't think we've seen this many celebrity deaths like this ever. They're all coincidental and aren't linked to each other, but it's scary. It's kind of an eyeopener that shows us anything can happen.

    On a side note, R.I.P. Steve McNair; you were an incredible player, athlete and person. He definitely deserves to be a Hall of Famer one day. I'm still shocked that he's gone.

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    Yeah, alot of celebrities have died. Maybe it's a conspiracy .
    In all seriousness, RIP all that have passed.

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    You forgot Ed McMahon, but the first two can be explained. When Farah died, she got one wish from god. She asked that all of the children of the world be safe, and thus, Michael Jackson died.

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    Why are so many celebs dying?
    To make room for new people with new talent. Make more money for the angents or channel or label or whatever.

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    Aliens. Definitely aliens.

    It was just a coincidence. And if it was someone offing them, then the world is really not too much worse off.

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    The million dollar question is...

    Who's next?

    I sincerely miss George Carlin; he died before I could get a chance to see him in person.

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    I think we're forgetting swine flu. Definitely swine flu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkio View Post
    The million dollar question is...

    Who's next?

    I sincerely miss George Carlin; he died before I could get a chance to see him in person.
    You just jinxed it, it's going to be the guy who played Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire.

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