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Thread: Nearly lost it =[

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    Default Nearly lost it =[

    Hey, basically i had a little weird moment last night/today.

    I got all worried, and thought i am going to force myself to give this up. Yesterday, before i had these thoughts i went and brought some baby nappies. I can fit in them, but with a big squeeze lol. This is the first time i have brought any since i changed my bedroom around.

    There's no longer any hiding places, so i was all worried about leaving in my golf bag, a whole 28 nappies!

    I got annoyed, panicked and decided to give everything up. I threw all the nappies away in the bin, but after a hour or two went back to get half of them. Got a decent place to hide them now, and after talking to my good friend Peachy, my mind is at rest. He simply said i was being a bit drastic all over something as simple as a nappy.

    SO, yea. Glad to be back, not that i left for more than 5 hours :P Just felt like sharing with you lot =]

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    I'm glad to hear that you're ok and feeling better now (and I hope that everything in the future works out well for you too). Otherwise, good to have you back, LoL!

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    i get what you are saying! i think about giving it up all the time. however, its a social issues and an image issue. we are taught that we are not supposed to do this as this is a baby thing. however... people do a lot worse things for fetishes; thus i digress.
    i feel wierd about it, i will never talk to anyone about it; only on here; but it is something i enjoy, like. however wierd it may be... peeing in a diaper till its completely soaked... is my thing.
    none-the-less... its a back and forth thing i too struggle with.
    again, there are a lot worse things....!

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