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Thread: Earliest memories?

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    Default Earliest memories?

    i was thinking about writing down my earliest memories and then trying to put them in chronilogical order. we'll see how this goes.
    The earliest thing i can remember is this:
    I'm walking around in my old house's backyard. It's a sunny day and I'm barefoot. A wooden fence goes around my backyard and it's HUGE. In fact, everything's huge. There's also laundry on the line fluttering in the breeze. I think my mom's there, sitting on the porch.

    And that's it. Pretty vivd, eh? The things i can remember about that the most are the colours. The sky was incredibly blue and the grass incredibly green. The house is red with a brown roof, and the laundry is yellow.
    Thing is, we moved out of that house when I was three, but I think I was really young, like 1-2 years old, just taking my very first steps outside by myself for the first time, and that's why I remember it so well.

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    I think my earliest memory was sitting outside an italian restruant (I think it was italian...) when I was three. It looked like it was built based on a renaissance style arcitexture and was enormous (in my opinion at the time). I remember I was holding that device that lights up and vibrates when your table's ready.

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    my earliest memory is from preschool. Being walked in on the first day. probably 3 and a half or 4 years old.

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    My earliest memory is from when I was nearly 3 (I think). My mum, dad, sister and I were visiting my older brother and I was asked if I could say the alphabet. I said, "Do you want it forwards or backwards?" (Or something to that effect.)

    That's all I can remember. I don't remember saying it backwards at the time, and I don't remember how I actually learned it.

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    The earliest memory I have is from when I was being brought home from the hospital in my grandpa's 70 Chevelle SS. I remember going fast and I was laughing the whole way home.

    Man, I miss that car. Great memories in that thing.

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    i remember being in my brothers room, i was probably 4 or 5, and he was 1 or 2 and seeing a pack of swim diapers, then me running into the back yard, i must of been heading to the pool. Oh, and my aunt was babysitting.

    Weird how it ties into the tb stuff, but its a lot more vaige now, than it used to be.

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    Pleasant memories that I can remember the earliest are probably...being 1-2ish at looking at our black lab in the backyard in a dog house. Being around 1-ish at a pizza restaurant that family co-owned or something and being fed pizza crust. Oo;
    then from there on i can remember something that turns out to be a main cause of my TB tendancies (not going to go into detail about it), and then moving to Florida around 3-4 years old. I remember a blue sippy cup I had that was like a crazy straw one- the straw you sucked out of twisted around the cup in weird ways, and it amused me a lot. XD I then remember being about 5 to 7 years old at a friend's house. This is something that actually surprises me today, because I took a pacifier out of her drawer with her, and we dipped it into some kind of a tea and then sucked on the pacis for a while. XD Never even knew why I liked it.

    but yeah, those are some of my earliest memories that i can remember and haven't repressed back.

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    My first clear memory is from Memorial Day Weekend at Renaissance Faire in 1968, 6 weeks before I turned 4. Mom put a blanket on the grass so she could change my diaper. While I was looking up the Queen walked over. She looked down at me and proclaimed that she was pleased because I would not need a Privy. Later that day I saw Mom chance the diaper of my older sister. At the time we had a younger brother and sister, still babies, so they must also have been diapered.

    Our entire family was already participating in Ren Faire when I was born in 1964. After I was toilet trained I still had a small over-active bladder, as did all my sisters, so Mom routinely asked us to wear diapers on trips and for special events.

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    My early memories are from a family vacation in Italy when I was 3 1/2 years old. Some specific incidents happened related to the place we stayed at that I can still remember.


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    My dad had this bike, which had a seat for me on the back (presumably some kind of baby seat). He was cycling somewhere with me on it. It was raining, and we just got there. There was a car park nearby. I remember one of the cars by the wall was red.

    I talked to my parents about this afterwards (when I was 10 or so, and we were talking about memories), and they said my dad had had that when I was around 1-2.

    Apart from that, nearly all my earliest memories involve tb in some form.

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