View Poll Results: What kind of wipes do you usually use?

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  • Baby wipes.

    43 70.49%
  • Adult wipes.

    4 6.56%
  • I alternate.

    6 9.84%
  • Other.

    2 3.28%
  • I don't use baby wipes.

    6 9.84%
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Thread: Wipe users, what kind do you use?

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    Default Wipe users, what kind do you use?

    Simple enough... do you use baby or adult wipes? I alternate, personally.

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    the adult wipes are just large baby wipes yet they charge like 3 times as much for them. So Baby wipes are pretty much the way to go. The most wipes I ever had to use was about 3, god knows how much toilet paper I would of needed to even get half as clean as I did with wipes.

    I am willing to bet baby wipes could be more of a money saver, or at least a time saver.

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    Baby wipes all the way I usually buy the store brand or whatever is on sale but i do have a cute pampers tub I keep them in

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    Baby wipes for sure, they are cheaper than their adult counterparts. And seeing as they are baby wipes, they make you feel a lot, well, babyish. That's why I buy them.

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    Although over the years I have tried nearly every brand and style of wipes sold in the USA, I keep returning to Pampers Unscented Aloe baby wipes.

    These work very well for me and are sold nearly everywhere. Frequently they are on sale.

    Personally I have found no advantage to using larger "adult" wipes.

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    Matrix Blade


    Baby wipes, definitely. They're a lot easier for me to access, cuz my mom has a few tubs of them around the house. Plus I love the smell of them and it only takes about one or two to get the job done for me.

    Truthfully, I don't think I've ever seen adult wipes at my local grocery store (but I haven't exactly been looking for them either).

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    Baby wipes. I have never tried adult wipes. I vacillate between Pampers and Huggies whichever is on sale at the time.

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