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    Earlier tonight I was browsing wiki for comedians like George Carlin and Gilbert Gottfried and as I was looking at a list of movies/tv that Gottfried has been in over the years I stumbled upon a movie titled Highway to Hell, it said that he played Hitler in the film and it cought my interest, I watched it and it's a really good movie.

    Charlie Sykes and his girlfriend Rachel Clark run away to Las Vegas to get married. Along the way Rachel is kidnapped by a Hellcop and taken to Hell to become one of Satan's brides, and Charlie must travel to Hell to rescue her.

    Here's the movie if your interested.

    Highway To Hell Part 1

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    Also an incredibly crappy movie.

    Oh, you were talking about the movie... you liked it?? Seriously?

    I thought it was absolutely terrible. But it was one of those so terrible it was funny kind of deals... and it made me chuckle to see Ben Stiller in it.

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