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Thread: Plushie Trends?

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    Default Plushie Trends?

    I'm curious...

    Do any of you notice a "plushie trend" in the plushies you have and/or plushies you want? This could be species, color, fabric type, size, anything that's a pattern you see.

    Note: These are just tendencies, not true in all cases.

    Plushies I have:

    Trend #1: Most of my plushies seem to be either bears or dogs.

    Trend #2: Most of my plushies have short fur.

    Plushies I want (gravitate to):

    Trend #1: I tend to gravitate toward giraffes and dogs/wolves.

    Trend #2: I usually gravitate toward plushies in between 8 and 26 inches in height.

    Trend #3: I usually gravitate to "scruffy" plushies - both "scruffy" as in older, and "scruffy" as in shaggy fur.

    Trend #4: I seem to go for "baby safe" plushies a lot (wonder why :P)...This isn't true for all cases, however, with giraffe plushies, I ALWAYS gravitate toward baby safe...

    Trend #5: ...EXCEPT in the case of a very LARGE giraffe plushie that I could very well be labeled as "obsessed" over. I've been looking for him for ages (There's so many sites with 5'+ giraffe plushies, but there was a certian one once...) I'm pretty sure the eyes aren't baby safe, but I MUST HAVE HIM one day.

    Trend #6: As with all cuddly things, I LOVE soft cushy fabrics for my plushies (such as chenille).

    Trend #7: I tend to not do well with "beanie" plushie stuffing, overall. I don't judge a plushie by their stuffing, but beanie stuffing is injustice to a plushie, in my humble opinion...

    How about you all?

    ~ moogle
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    I'm going to surprise you all: Cows. Didn't see that coming, did you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I'm going to surprise you all: Cows. Didn't see that coming, did you?
    You have shaken my core it it's very foundation with the revelation. Did that just rhyme?

    Anyways I perfer dog plushies. They are so great to cuddle/sleep with. Plus they don't smell!

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    i love my tiger stuffy. hes got beanies in the middle, but stuffed legs and head, and hes really soft and cuddly. I really really really wanna get a big polar bear plushie for my bed too... i told my gf and she might go with me to get one when I have the funds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I'm going to surprise you all: Cows. Didn't see that coming, did you?

    ...anyways, I like dogs.. but i also like regular bears because they wear a diaper with more ease.. lol.

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    I wuv my bunny He's pretty big too and oh so soft. I don't have a trend at all...this is the style that I've always liked (had a teddy before) and always will.

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    I think most people have plushie trends because most people keep a consistent view of what they want a plushie to be. Like, there are certain kinds that they find comfortable to snuggle or that they find cute or whatever it may be.

    So even though I'm sure there are some people who just want a wide variety of plushies, my guess is most people gravitate towards ones with similar features.

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    My elephant! I shall post a picture of him I been looking for him for ages and I got the opportunity to look in the attic the other day and after searching for 3 hours I found it!

    I do tend to have trends;

    • Bears
    • 12-36 inches tall
    • Animals (Dogs, Elephants)
    • Nice spongy stuffing
    • The more babyish the better


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    I believe my plushies of choice are obvious.

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    I like mouse plushies. I always wanted a mouse growing up but my mom never would let me. One year I got a mouse plushies for Xmas. I've had if for 12 years now, I love it so much.

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